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the establishment ten minutes to learn wholesale of interpersonal network. Become cheap nike nfl jerseys from china online friends of the source of information, of course, they will be your source of information. And former colleagues to drink a cup of bar, but also good.

2, people will eventually remember not what you said, but you make them feel. Almost all people like to talk about their own things, so, ask more questions.

When I was 3, anxiety, and clean the house or work table. You will be happier and more feeling than before.

4, what you pretend to be, what you will eventually become. The loading force compels, for benevolence virtue, remember, there will be echoes.

5, pay attention to other people’s feet. When you join someone else’s conversation, find that others just turn on the upper body, the foot or to maintain the original direction cheap nfl jerseys china, that they do not welcome you to join. Similarly, when you talk cheap nike nfl jerseys to your colleagues, you think he is talking to you, his body is also facing you, but his feet are not toward you, he may have been affected by this conversation.

6, if you see someone, very happy, happy that they later shows between the lines, you will see the dancing. It may not be the first time, but the second must be.

7. People tend to remember the first thing that happened and the last thing that happened. The middle of the matter can not remember clearly. So, if you’re going to introduce yourself, you’d better be the first or last. When the interview, but also the same.

8, when a group of people laugh, people will immediately look at this group of people in the most close to the people.

9, stand straight. Not out of spirits, no hand pockets, to head up high. Don’t think this is a hackneyed and stereotyped expressions. You will feel good about yourself, and people around you will feel your confidence.

10, if you are in front of the car is slow like the old man in the open, you can not wait to kill him. Pretend he’s really your own grandfather. Then your anger will all disappear.

11, do not say “I think”, “I think”, unless it is necessary. These words will make you and the confidence of no edge, no good for you.

12, when you learn something new, try to teach your friends, or let them ask you related issues. If you can teach a person a glass of water, you will have a bucket of water.

13, the first meal, the first wine, you please. You don’t know how long you’re going to feel good about yourself.

14, the attitude decides action, but the action also determines the attitude. As one of my former teacher said: “you can dance for joy, and you can dance to make yourself happy.”.

15, the body’s response to stress – breathing speed, heart beat faster – and the response is the same as the courage to take up the courage. It is good or bad, all in your mind. Anyway, your body is ready, you look at it.

16, Benjamin Franklin effect. In the age of students, looking for girls borrow pencil, take notes, ask her to help you with your homework, than to lend her something, to help her with her lessons, girls cheap nike jerseys china more likely to fall in love with her pencil to borrow the poor / stupid boy. This is also very useful when cheap jerseys china flirting, for example, let the girl ask you to drink a wine. This is a stone three birds things: you get the benefits; she will subconsciously like you more; in the future she will accept your “help” will be more no burden.

17, although not to want you to scary, but if you must have no shame staring at someone, focus in the middle of his eyes, as they shy. If they move the line of sight, they won’t look at you again. At this time, you can stare at their eyes. For at least 45 seconds.

18. If you work in a bar or front desk, put a mirror behind you. So, when customers temper, you will see your ugly face in the mirror. A mirror can significantly reduce the probability of their unreasonable.

19. Please pay attention to the parents: give the children the right to choose, let them think they are in control of their own life. For example, I want to let children when their shoes, I would ask him “do you want to wear a pair of stars, or a shark?”. It is worth noting that this is also useful for adults.

20, public speaking or bungee jumping before this tense moment, chewing gum is good. It is said that because of the human in danger will automatically stop chewing (eat), so the time to eat is safe, the brain is so to tell you. Anyway, it is very useful to me.

21, if you want to establish a close relationship with someone, or get someone’s trust, learn his body posture. If he put his feet up and you. If he leaned back in his chair, you leaned back in his chair, if he leaned forward, you leaned forward. Imitate the body posture, is a kind of subconscious trust each other and the freedom of expression. If you cross your arms in front of your chest and find that someone has done so, Congratulations, you have a person.

22, after the offer, no longer speak. If you are doing a sales job, this skill is very useful. In other areas, this technique is also very useful. I’ve done a job before, and I’m selling my membership card at a gym. There’s an old guy who’s directing me, he says,

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