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“When you do not what do you want wholesale cheap nike jerseys travel, not to risk, not for sale from china to fight a scholarship, but did not try to life, hanging QQ day, brush with micro-blog, Taobao shopping, playing games, doing at the age of 80 I can do, you want the youth?” Have you ever been a popular language in this network to wake up the heart of the heart that has long been a sense of upward mobility? Since the time, the flowers bloom, time in a hurry, and just as the junior students, choose your love at the time to learn, when most hardworking you choose comfort, since young, but time inclined negative, no little time. Miss the most difficult experience of life, the understanding of life and sentiment will be shallow.

What is hard work? When you complained that he had very hard time, please take a look at those workers with physical overdraft still hungry, in the office for information is suffering? In the air-conditioned office building is a hard knock on the keyboard? Take a serious look at the book, learning to learn, calculate bear hardships? If your life draw a very shallow hard bottom line, please do not attempt to cross the limit of deep happiness.

When cheap jerseys free shipping you look at the “Du Lala promotion”, do you think the foreign good, access to high-grade office buildings, and people do not understand English, with enviable salary; when you look at the “intimate enemies”, do you think the bank open Cadillac, handsome male, walking on the beach in Australia, hand sign millions of contract; when you see a subtle advertising praise, what do you think a good marketing cheap nike jerseys free shipping tide, can grasp the pulse of the market, enjoy and indulge their creativity; when you see a friend to do real estate, every day the rich and access to a variety of high-grade places, a variety of hair waste micro-blog, do you feel real real estate good money; when you see a FMCG personnel all over the world to travel, live in five star hotel in various places, do you think the FMCG good scenery. You are madly in love with the immensely proud state, but never thought you have called the dream state, in fact, does not mean that you see as simple.

He eat bitterness, is already beginning to sleep only 3 hours a day, from N years ago to check data yesterday, a little bit to do a very detailed analysis; he eat bitterness, is to strive for a customer, crowded in a sleeper bus, risking stolen the crash was robbed, while knocking the mail, while looking around surprised eyes; he eat bitterness, is a set of management methods in order to more reasonable system, and constantly and various leaders to work together, to ask, to think; he eat bitterness, is to sign a large order alone at home, watching other people in the world of reunion, decorated with their own love dreams; he eat bitter, for a listed projects, hundreds of thousands of words in the self-study materials within 3 days, let oneself become an expert from a layman in 3 days. He also had many times to fall down in the soil, and 2016 nfl jerseys from china even let others step in the past from their own body.

He succeeded in making people catch up the glory, because he is the one who knows the hardships of the people, can afford that kind of heavy charm. He worked hard figure, he always filled with talent, all his time to withstand scrutiny.

Dear friends, if god treat you, give you a good life cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, please don’t converge their morale; if God to you by Manning, but please do not erode the confidence in themselves and the courage to struggle forward. When you want to give up, think of those who slept later than you, get up earlier than you, run faster than you hard, talent is higher than your expert, they had in the morning to the distance you will only see.

After exposed to wind and rain in you, may be scarred, but when the first ray of sunlight to your pale and gaunt face, you should tread on air, not because of the warmth of the sun, but in bitter spirit, to the bones and muscles, hungry after body skin, you decided to stand on the way do a tough aspirant himself. In fact, where you are now, and not so important. As long as you have a heart forever, you will eventually find the direction that belongs to you.

So, please don’t in the toughest choice at ease, no one’s youth is walked on the red carpet, the dream become that others can not match the self, they should choose their own road, in order to reach the end, others cannot reach to pay.

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