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I don’t think I’m good Growth is not good enough.When is not crying,for cheap nfl jersey china supply fast free shipping Maiguai, sensible, not adults praise and reward; grow up reading is not good enough, poor communication, teachers and students pay little attention to their own; finally stumbled to find the way to go after, when deciding to write, and do this thing now and talented many people ruguojiangzhiji. Time to make me realize that I am a person who is not beautiful, slim, not rich, lack of talent, and intuitive.

Talking with my friends when I was a child, she said that when I feel very special, and others are not the same. She did not think their body organs, is independent and different individuals, but there are sick need according to X light, she watched the film very lost in the hospital, because she found herself and other people do not have what different, the same structure, the same organ. For the first time, she felt the feeling of depression.

I do not know if you have such experience, there are many to make their own laugh at the idea, and that the time of their own naive and absurd.

Once I thought with the reality, she can help me finish my homework; I think that reading time random humming the lyrics can be popular in the morning, China; think you have scarce blood, can save the world; that the pink heart-shaped birthmark on the back of my hand, is a life that left the mark; the other parallel space, living in the world that people can see me, and so on.

And, of course, as I grew up I found out that they didn’t hold up. There was a time when I felt very unhappy, because with the imagination of the Nothing is right., I compared myself too ordinary too common. I am very angry, angry how can I be like this!

This discovery is not a bit cruel wholesale cheap nike jerseys?

But, in this world there are other idioms, a spare no effort to catch up, the slow need to start early. There are only 27 years old to 56 years old began to learn painting, the famous Qi Baishi; 47 years old was going to rise up, 55 year old Liu Bang established the Han Dynasty; 65 years before publication of the first book of the writer Laura Ingalls Wilde. I don’t know how they look at themselves and the world, at least, and then they know the ordinary, can work hard to change, and do some extraordinary things.

People can not always stay in the imagination, so very much more than the plateau oxygen consumption is also thin self-confidence. Once you lose your confidence, you can easily choke when you don’t know what to do. Will be strangled by ordinary life, breathe, and give up the struggle ability.

I slowly let go of myself, to understand that they have no extraordinary ability. Accept this yourself, to try to change the mind is not mature enough, writing skills like newborn babies themselves.

Time lets a person’s body mature, but also bring the emptiness of the mind. The body is like a thin container, can not be hit, it is easy to break. Ideas such as steel, stone, sand, every increase of knowledge, just put some supplement the wall material in the container body slowly, and thought well, can become indestructible.

But wholesale nike jerseys if not will enter the essential contents of the bag and indulgence of the emptiness, who once met real sharp tip, the skins will be broken, empty wind drift, the body will become atrophic and shriveled balloon.

I know I need steel, bricks and mud, so I keep practicing.

About want to read the book, want to exercise the body, want to become more beautiful appearance, want to get the reader to recognize the mood, want to write wonderful content of the talent…… For these pursuits, I haven’t stopped for a moment. But occasionally because of tired because of lazy and relaxed reading, fitness, compromise in the ordinary eyes and not to dress up, because some neglected and criticized and refused to accept, because he does not get talent blessing and frustrated, these moments, is hindering my swamp, desert, divide or cliff, I had stopped at in front of them, because of fear of danger, but what is more dangerous than mediocre?

I refused to mediocrity, the way some rustic, is home, read and resist into plain life. It is precisely the ideological resistance to integrate into the dull life.

I’m trying to be an interesting person. When the heart nike nfl jerseys free shipping appears when upset, irritability, anger,nike nfl jerseys from china hesitation, I advised her, don’t do this, life has many interesting things to do.

Impatient to sit down and look at the scenery, tired to stop listening to music, loneliness, the story of the cure, angry on the pants to run to run off. The everyday experiences carefully feeling, in a daze, walking, collision, was wronged, sympathy for the sick weak, love beautiful star, looking forward to a happy or sad love, these are what I am doing.

I hope that time will bring real growth, not the number of changes per year.

To accept their own ordinary, so that the efforts of their own and now not good enough to reconcile their own bar.

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