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I only have high school you can think wholesale cheap nike jerseys education, which online from china free shipping is for many years I have been ashamed to speak and feel the inferiority of things. When the curator found me and asked me about the author’s introduction, my inner complexity was nothing. Any other author can come in handy, professional degree, have achieved the honor or is engaged in work experience, I have not. Some even have been returned or are abroad, that is I far beyond reach the height. I just graduated a few years, the harvest and stumbling tortuous experience, but these are ashamed to do “biography”. So, when I got the “inspirational” topic began writing manuscript, I was not “an author biography”.

About some dreams, I was never realized when I realized that I had been so deep desire. The college entrance examination before the last mobilization, the teacher let a continuous repeat five years of students to make a speech, the students just said “I want to be a soldier, but I have been over” suddenly choked up and couldn’t go on, even in the sixth college entrance examination can pass the examination, can make up for my hand we regret, he missed the rest of life and military. That time is for the heart of the university dream of hard struggle, and can not fully understand the face of the “dream can never be achieved” when the feeling of inadequate. Childhood education is all about “perseverance, can engrave stone” life good words, let me always firmly think: as long as never give up efforts will get what you want. I even set the repeat five year students will be like Edison invented the light bulb, finally achieved impressive results. However, life is always as easy as blowing off dust lightly bomb broken we had those “unswervingly”.

In the sixth time to participate in the college entrance examination cheap nfl jersey china supply, students and colleges still rub shoulders, eventually quietly read college, never repeat. It is said that his score is lower than the first time the college entrance examination. The graduation party, he drunk Yushan will collapse, wine liquor, has repeatedly said he was wrong, should not repeat, the army. He was lying on the table in the tears and unable to look after years of decadence, today is still very clear in my mind, lingering. Abnormal pressure, repeat five years, up to join the army to give up undergraduate difficult, can let the young heart no place. Pay unremitting, who can expect is so desolate and camp no intersection will end, and directly recruit undergraduate students also missed. Such as the song of youth, in the end how to spend is not only a betrayal of the years, five years of struggle, in cheap nike jerseys free shipping front of the naked into the wasted years of results. No one dare to repeat five years do not admire his courage, but when the college entrance examination “courage” is not a plus; no one is away for his regret dream to join the army, but time is not back.

Life’s greatest magic is that he can make you the original tender heart become ravines, he can heal your heart to soundless and stirless all scars. Once again encounter the classmate, has been a few years later, asked about the status quo, he smiled and said he has been upgraded, the day after the intention to study. The road to the dream has never been more than one, it is a pity that we are a long time before we know the truth. Without regard to insist, in the tortuous path of life, we must learn to detour, learn to turn. With the best repeat five years, reading specialist is seemingly helpless choice, but also have no choice. Just up the road, this road, although it can eventually become an undergraduate, but also never missed the dream of straight recruit undergraduate dream. Even give up the most want to go to join the army to fight for the road, also did not return a love life.

I never deny only struggle to be closer to the dream, Rendingshengtian such words by countless people of inspection, but also inspire countless dreams are cheap nfl jerseys free shipping struggling youth. However, if you pay more than “success” several times the effort, we will be able to achieve their performance. There is no response, it is often the norm of life. When we begin to accept life in peace without responding and still do not give up our efforts, this is growth. In the circle of friends to see an inspirational title, life is not just in front of the struggling. Indeed, struggling and lucky, appeared alternately. We are very lucky to God’s favor, because of the long time struggling. Learn between many “struggling” in the roots is the most difficult, we want to teach the skills, the land even reached the final, not your dream, but also for the sun to grow.

I taught cheap jerseys free shipping three years Chinese teacher said, I can’t write is the most students, always with their own arguments to overthrow the argument, also explained closely reasoned and well argued. When the “inspirational” from the topic, it is not a good idea to do, I did not let the decadent people cheer up the powerful force. Finally, planning evaluation of the manuscript is not reading the significance. Write is feeble, throughout all the talk rubbish so it is also reasonable. He gave the proposal is to try to write a number of tall, do not write did not read the university. I stared at the chat record, Leng for a long time for a long time.

I think a job a few years ago, the fat man smiled gently, he said I was sincere, but it is not up to the standard. Life is the most

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