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I feel my life We are destined order lowest price seems to be a kind of “genius” “.Genius cheap nike nfl jerseys china fast shipping is not me, but the side of the students and friends. Since elementary school, I have surrounded by some sparkling talent. The Ayumi Hamasaki boys love, grow up to the Carnegie Hall Concert; the next class predecessors, won the championship I Cliburn piano; young, no high school has been with a well-known London Orchestra; now my best bestie, she was 12 years old when he was in high school. Good at science small expert.

Standing in such a genius, I’m not without anxiety. The achievements of their youth have been the high point that many people have struggled for decades, and most of them cannot reach their half in any way. And I, a member of the “many people”: you practice hard skills problem for a month, he only needs a few hours can be played smoothly and naturally; you need to spend time in the whole song Concerto under the back, he might turn the music back to the album to a 35.

Genius is the most beautiful creature in the world. It is the love of art that all of its talent, for the world to create a beautiful. In the light of the genius, we are always reminded of how much we are mediocre. They often make me feel frustrated, gradually frustrated become guilty, guilty of their occupation of resources, but can not create a better. Under such guilt, I become a person who does not dare to give up easily. For people like me, giving up is a more complete failure. And unfortunately, it seems that it’s happening to me. My frustration, is the source of their own in the genius, and can not become a member of them; my luck is endowed with the corresponding opportunities and teach teachers, can let me strive for acquisition of little interest.

Sometimes cheap jerseys free shipping, I really appreciate the kind of genius. They can view are much higher than me, but never a condescending attitude towards me, but cheap nfl jerseys free shipping often I teach a lot of. Through their own good, deeply affect me; when I saw them for their favorite subjects, regardless of personal danger when belief gradually, initiates a “responsible for” life of faith — although mediocre, but also to let yourself not by the times and natural limitations, as far as possible follow your own desires of life. The reason why choose writing, probably also derived from this. Of course, there are a lot of motivation to write, there is a desire to record the desire of the times, there is hope to bring the idea of gentle, but also want to try new things curiosity…… All in all, this is what happened.

Just started to practice writing, I did not dare to have become a writer, or the publication of the text of the wild. I was neither well written articles, nor can consult the familiar editor, not to mention natural good writing. A little bit of one author of friendship is a girl to write in FanFiction. She wrote hard science fiction, with extraordinary imagination, the logic, characters, conflicts, long and short stories that were needed to build a story cheap nike jerseys online. I don’t have that kind of power. To this end, my only way is still more practice, more pondering.

As for the way of practice, it is entirely based on personal exploration, nothing more than reading, reading writing theory books, every day to write a few thousand words. In a word, talent mediocre growth way is nothing more than a lot of pressure through practice, so as to explore the possibility of change. From the cheap nike jerseys free shipping point of the pen to think hard, gradually in the theme, the structure slightly felt a doorway, with proper training of writing efficiency gradually improved. The gods did not give me the gift of art beyond human, but let me live in this world with the guilt of being a genius. To be more specific, guilt is the source of persistence and hard work, but also these complex emotions, support I finished writing the column, and thus get the publication of the two book contract.

The process of writing this book, it will naturally encounter self doubt, write to drag draft like mood. I am always doing proofreading when feel not well written, and then deleted again, repeatedly toss, will make people feel mentally and physically exhausted. Maybe a little more talent, more talent, the situation will become better? But how can one give up what he loves because he is not good enough? Although I am mediocre, but I also can not bear to give up the dream, I also want to be able to record their own times; although I am stupid, but through constant practice and correction, the same can get some results.

When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams, when scientists, when musicians, eventually getting farther and farther away. However, we will find a new dream in practice, the new road. But no matter what way we choose to chase the dream, there must be a variety of thorns on the road. You may be the same as me, have been looking directly into the light of genius, for this purpose, this belief is broken into glass. But if you don’t do anything just because it’s not a genius, it’s going to be a bit too negative. The gap can not go beyond, but the effort itself is of significance to the individual. Although self life is inevitable emotion; however, too early to give up, always give up, or did not want to target

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