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I have a supply good quality friend to do the Believe that the wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys insurance work, said the first one day I said, she has a car to open their own BMW car parking lot, the charge of the aunt asked: “the girl, the car is your father to buy you.” She was somewhat depressed, and some feel a little proud, a strange feeling in my heart.

I don’t know anything about cars, but from the perspective of Ruan Ruan, think she is a very pushy girl. Gradually familiar, Ruan Ruan and told me some of her childhood stories, I pinpincoucou is probably the story below cheesy chicken soup:

His family was not good, living in a remote mountain, I heard that reading to change the fate, so desperately reading, really admitted to the mountains outside the University, so more efforts to learn. Graduation ten years has been in the insurance company, starting from the most basic business, so today’s level. I do not know what the level of her now, also do not understand insurance, single from the material to speak, dumped me dozens of street. I am a man who can only see the money to judge the level of life.

I introduced her to my other female friends, we have said: “how could it be, out of the mountains where it is so easy?” “Pull it, this background how there may be major customer contacts, no contacts how to do insurance?” “What does her husband do? “Now the rural rich parents, is evicted. ”

I do not know the answer to these questions, but cheap nfl jerseys free shipping also did not ask the question, but my first reaction is: “why do not you believe ah? “We often see all kinds of encourage girls to become more beautiful in the network, a lot of girls that have seen a lot of Feminism on the Internet wantonly, to express their views and voice, can really face the girl’s age, but always put a pair of” impossible “behind” some people “posture. Don’t believe someone else’s you, really believe in yourself?

After a lapse of many years not see the students together, to mention a girl now life is very moist, we all the same group of children asked: “her husband is doing?” Married into the rich, right?”

The one mentioned a prominent female cheap nike nfl jerseys  president, the total voice from behind: “what ah, not divorce? And then have the ability to have no happiness ah.”

And referred to their daily efforts, “well done as well as married”, “what is the use? Is not a poor Cock?”

Life attitude of tens of millions, how do you know from the marriage is not happy? How do you know that those who have the ability of the girls must rely on her husband? With other people’s eyes, they can not better than each other’s good?

There cheap jerseys free shipping is a book about gender equality: “I am curious about the future people will see our lives at the turn of the century. Maybe on that day, the world’s women are equal to men.” 100 years have passed, and the equality of the surface is changing with each passing day, but our hearts do not seem to be ready. We do not believe that one day we will make our own efforts to achieve the goal, do not believe that cheap nike jerseys free shipping other people’s efforts to bring fruitful fruit. If the book describes the 100 years ago due to social unrest caused by the unequal suppressed women’s fighting capacity, that today from our hearts do not believe will thoroughly let women be destroyed on one day of their knowledge. At least the former can still fight, but the latter has made us unable to stand up again.

Of course, before I was myself, when I suddenly realized this problem, I tried to change my mind. I read inspirational stories, but also look at the story of the people around me. For example, business friends poem, a little girl to open a restaurant by various departments for one side of the car side on the side of the road crying; Japan trade is high, just bought the goods stolen to the guests and got their money to buy; I don’t care about the poem is not two rich generation, also do not care about the old the father is not very wealthy, I only care about, they are doing, I do not, I do not want to be bullied to talk about it, I do not have lost hundreds of thousands of goods even cry have no time to lose. I can’t do it, I think they are great, I slack off, they are my role model.

When I use this attitude and vision to see the world, I feel that everyone is inspirational object. Everyone around us is worthy of our study, everyone’s behavior can inspire us. Recognize the advantages of others, respect other people’s success, is the first step to make their success. And girls each other for the other side of the success of the praise and trust, it is the girl from the bottom of my heart to the beginning of equality.

As if the girls of our own, only that other girls rely on men to be successful, rely on their own to marry into a new life, that they really don’t blame others despise you.

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