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In my junior high school Don’t Scribble sales, there was a for jerseys discount price dark time. I don’t skip because junior high school subjects, a red light. Originally because of painting, the teacher selected me as a member of the publicity, but also because of poor grades were dismissed, not only that, it is the teacher ask the parents — although these things now are of little importance to things, was a junior high school for me, is a shame and hurt pride “event”.

Remember, the biology teacher and the geography teacher has talked to me, tell me, your score would be too low unbelievable, the whole grade than you lower scores in only a handful of people; the math teacher in the title that I write a four word “is the logic confusion!” English achievement has always been on the edge of the pass…… The last few years I hate family gatherings, because the topic of the table will always be my study. All of my families think that my parents should not just want to read my key junior high school, in a hurry I decided to skip, people feel that this child can do out the university entrance exam. At that time, I also did not grow up, and never thought about what they want to do in the future. Feel so stupid, why others can test one hundred papers, but even half of the points out?

I feel something of class cheap nfl jerseys supply Nothing is right., there nba jerseys china is absolutely no interest. Only love, is himself while writing, painting blind blind. Remember when the class teacher, often with each teacher adept “the ability to teleport over, quietly appeared behind me, from my hand take them off that I was covered in graffiti and this paper. Many years later, I sent him a postcard from a post office in Daxing District, Beijing, and sent him a picture of his Q avatar. I am grateful to him, grateful that he never stopped being “bad”, I love painting. Those in the class of “poor students” by the teacher, ridicule and satire plot, never appeared in my body.

A man wearing a black frame glasses because of high myopia, and hanging from the classroom “famous quotes” “Fang Zhimin” and the like, are the students nicknamed the “teacher” he is always calm and said to me: “these things, you get to go home to do it.” At that time, I, the only thing that can be proud of, is the composition of their own scores. In my junior high school graduation, several classmates message said, I wish you grow up, become a writer. They do not know, in fact, I like the most, is painting.

To the high school, although after several years of adaptation, I have a lot better than the junior high school, but in the focus of the master gathered in high school, I also just located in a middle of the location. Hunan Province, poor college entrance examination enrollment ratio to count, then I can not be admitted to the university is still unknown. Until the three-dimensional geometry. The magic of life is that you never know what will happen to your life. Perhaps when painting gypsum because of three-dimensional geometry I had a surprisingly smooth, therefore, aroused my interest in learning mathematics achievement and potential, from soaring, an exam grade, even got full marks. When the science class met me, surprised and said to me: “such a difficult examination paper, you can test out, you or the person?” All this, is the junior high school that the logic of chaos, I have never dreamed of things.

That nba jerseys year, the parents will be, the teacher in charge to me at the meeting to share the learning experience of the subject of mathematics. Imperceptibly, mathematics achievement has also led to other subjects, my grades are up slowly, even became the class ranking good student before “”. Near the entrance, because of fear of specialty and delay culture class, the family didn’t want me to go the path of art, after a summer nba jerseys cheap vacation, I left the studio, formally embarked on a “cultural life” of the road.

In the summer of 2005, I worked my way through Hunan Province, the entrance of the single plank bridge, was admitted to the Beijing, I started a real sense of “independent life”. Because all the time, it is writing to give me confidence, I chose the editing and publishing. That year, I left home for the first time to live in a collective dormitory, that year, but also happens to be a Sina blog popular in the campus of the year.

Remember when just started blogging, a senior bestie said: “this year is not to write a blog about what the others think you” mediocre “.” During that time, many of my friends and classmates around me have joined the ranks of the “Bo”, “write log” became very popular among college students at that time.

From then on, I said goodbye to the childhood habit of keeping a diary, no longer write diary in this paper, but gradually develop the habit of living with the keyboard record. Today, 8 years later, just opened a blog that time with friends, almost all have stopped the blog, and my writing position from the original Sina blog, gradually expand to other social networking sites, such as the NetEase Last year, because of a widespread in micro-blog and other major website articles, even several editor of a publishing company found me and asked if I was interested in the book. I never thought of myself as a student of a school editor.

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