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Peking University out a supply nba jerseys cheap price lot of entrepreneurs,is biggest shortcuts in life which makes me very proud. I often recall, Peking University why will produce entrepreneurs? I have always thought that Tsinghua is likely to generate entrepreneurs, because it is engaged in science and technology. The university is academic hall, is a triangle of spiritual freedom, self Immolation is where is the end of the body, is the soul of local regeneration. Enterprises, listed and so on seems to be unrelated to Beijing university. But after so many years of life, I understand why Peking University entrepreneurs.

North of the 32 floor, for example, when I and nba jerseys china Yu Minhong as Peking University young teachers live in the floor of the second floor. Later, Yu Minhong founded the New Oriental, became a great nba jerseys cheap entrepreneur.

The third floor, then there lived a young man named Robin Li from Shanxi, every day in the water room optical upper body with cold water shower, singing “the night he found thousands of Baidu, where are you”, “Baidu” every day to read two words, then later the birth of the Baidu Inc. And from the knowledge reserve, Robin Li, in any case, can not do business, he is the Academic Library Department of classical literature cataloging professional.

The fourth floor live Chinese Department anger poet Huang nubo. These years, Mr Huang  jerseys discount price is a founder of the control group, sit up and take notice, the purchase of land in Iceland.

It is fantastic, Chinese Department building a girl looks very peaceful and the people of Gong Haiyan, she founded a century full of passion, love.

The English Department, the Library Department, the Chinese department are all related to finance, financing and management. But how can the people who learn these professional create a successful business? I think this is because Beijing gave us the same thing, is how to shape the life of things, make our desire for knowledge more than anything.

I have a motto called “read only first class book” – really worth my intellectual input, is worth my respect, the cost of my energy is probably the two categories. I think reading must read the first class book, a person must be a first-class person.

It nba jerseys is to read the classics, read the books that can change the trajectory of our lives, to become the northern adults after leaving the school no matter what area, can go a little far away from the guarantee. Because those books are not words, it is life, and these are the life of the reader, it is a guide.

Now we live in the ocean of information, but also calculate the happiness of life, but to accept too much information. So what kind of books should be read? I read this: the best-selling book selection is determined not to read, I did not look down on the best-selling book, but I know life is limited, can only read human history works mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

I have read the creation of the work of more and more early, because I think the more early people, they write the text is the portrayal of life.

Reading first class books is about what the writer is going to be in the book. He wrote in order to meet the needs of the market, or to pour their blood, life and experience to write. If you do not read the true words, encountered is not true language, then the last to see is also a fantasy world, not the real world. Reading really have an effect when the reader is, readers and real life together when. For thousands of years, has not been eliminated as a result of human generation after generation of people, rather than the current market choice, it is not the choice of advertising words, which is very critical.

Why reading classics can change our lives? What is the function of literature? In my opinion, the function of literature is really powerful words, will be strange to our aesthetic reconstruction, a singular inspiration in our pursuit of “truth”, a feeling of charging. So the highest value, the true, the good and the beautiful, will be integrated into our blood. Once people have these three things in the body, in the real world will not easily be secular, popular, temporary and even very bad values to reverse.

Read the classics, people familiar with the even a lot of people because of the pursuit of fashion and disdain to read the text. These words make us feel more directly about life, beauty, truth, language and the world. I think the biggest cut in my life is to read and embrace the world’s best books with time and life.

I have a view to read and eat, not a partial eclipse, there must be a balanceddiet, the spirit of the spleen and stomach to be healthy.

First of all, is not to read religious and theology? I think it must be. As we can understand the theology beyond humanity, in order to obtain a kind of God’s vision, to achieve an otherworldly realm. I occasionally pulls out “Tripitaka” to no purpose to read, as well as the “Bible” of the “Koran” and other works of religion, theology.

After reading the theology, I think I understand the mystery of the universe (if it is often referred to as God’s words); in contrast, the universe, I am more clearly aware of the human’s small, which makes me have to be humble. Don’t equate religion and theology with superstition.

Second, be sure to read philosophy. Philosophy in a sense, is looking for people to have a cause of people questioning. As a person, we have to ask ourselves where we are from and where we are going.

Third, can not do without reading history. History of mankind so far

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