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Weak not to harm others wholesale nike jerseys unbridled reason, only more to usa what’s amazing weight than to maintain the enduring as the universe.When a major earthquake, a wife was buried, her husband dug a dozen hours unarmed, rescued his wife. His wife’s life was saved, but his legs were crippled, and he was disabled for life.

The wife appreciated her husband’s help, and decided that “no man will love me more than he does.””. The husband also said life should take care of his wife, many people feel the scene copy from rolia, their loyalty to love.

The story to an abrupt end, like a fairy tale ending, and they live a happy life. However, a few years later in an interview with the survivors of the earthquake, the other end was naked in the face of the world – a man who left his wife a few years ago.

The wife is still waiting for her wholesale nfl jerseys husband, only the family to accompany the increasingly depressed her…… In the first reading this report, I and all people with emotion, feeling gloomy, fickle. But when I read another story about the matter, I gradually changed some of my views.

The report said: because his wife paralyzed, temperament big change, doing a little unhappy, crying or complain, with no relatives in a kindly manner. Her legs with disabilities, and her hands can be used, but refused to do any work, doing nothing every day, many picky, hate God is unfair, and even a few attempts to commit suicide, frustrating family exhausted…… Even in an interview with the reporter, still crying her husband’s infidelity with their own misfortune, not to mention the words he had for their own good.

Read, do not have a taste. Indeed no one can wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping in such a miserable marriage is qualified to be a moral judge. But his wife for the use of the identity of the weak, in the stress of her husband love her, tolerance of her, loyal to her, and even the life of unconditional dedication to her.

If I were the husband, I nba jerseys cheap price would also loudly refute a sentence: why?

Disability is unfortunate, but life is not always unhappy. The wheelchair bound wife, can also be gentle, considerate. Unable to take care of his wife, can also be to find the focus of life, to help others to lighten the burden of a little. Wife can also have a flexible hands, ears, smiling eyes and understanding of others, self-reliance of the beautiful mind. Weak not to harm others unbridled reason, only more weight than to maintain the enduring as the universe.

Because of the strong and the weak and to get rid of, we are the first people “”.

No one is willing to, no bottom line to give way to another person.

In this world, there are too many weak to the weak itself, in the hope of the world to give them more tolerant, even help success. If you do not give them, will be crying and wringing: “why? Why is it so unfair to me!” What is more hostile to the world, even give up the world, in the “name”, hastily settled life.

Yes, your life is not like the other luxury cars, handsome and beautiful, noble and rich; others as talented, witty sophistication; as well as others health, love everyone; you humble, poor, clumsy and even lifelong irreparable defects.

You are a weak. But what’s so great wholesale nfl jerseys nike about that?

The weak is just a note, it is not used to blackmail the world of props.

You don’t have the qualifications.

The weak is not the source of infinite demand, even if others give you the things you want because of your weakness. You are weak, but you should not be a beggar. The weak are pity, but the beggar is utterly despised.

The more is not a kind of self pity capital, or even into a strong starting point. Because you than those who are born on the thousands of love the strong, but also more than one point can go to fight, to create, to change their own destiny, this is how rare a preference. Become strong that one day, you will not because the other side is the weak and relax requirements. May be more severe than those you met in the year. – because you know, if you don’t, the weak will always be the weak.

You just have to be thankful that you are only a weak person, not the dead.

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