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Yesterday received young people jerseys a letter from a reader,nfl china for sale and a person to talk about their college reading the wrong profession, missed his love; all work is not satisfactory, go hard surface bright only; his future in a confused, in the end how to do?

I don’t know what you should do, I don’t know. The world seems hardly what people read on the professional college, and just doing their own love work, leadership, colleagues care, pay high wages to idle. I want to tell you the story of three young people wholesale nike jerseys china around me.

Young man, is a common repair network of my home broadband company workers, a network of big bad followed by my family formed a friendly federation. I heard him say that he was divorced from his childhood, living with his grandfather. He works almost every day until 12 in the middle of the night, because after 12 hours of overtime pay 100 dollars a day.

I once again repair network, said he can’t come on Sunday, because ielts! I thought I have not taken an examination of hey, you a maintenance worker to take an examination of the IELTS? After a period of time, he once again cheap jerseys stitched nfl come to repair, and I said: I want to go to New Zealand to study, IELTS test, and got the offer. You can’t come to repair it later.” I was not surprised, asked him: “why do you go to New Zealand, IELTS after many countries can go ah!” He said, “because my girlfriend was there, I wanted to be with her. Our words, we will be a gap, so I have to take over, so that our distance is not too far away.”

I gave him a back from Kunming sachet, wish him happiness. He never came cheap nike nfl mlb jerseys to my house to repair the network, sometimes the network is broken, I will think of his story.

Work in the elevator and lift the girl in the elevator every day, wearing a very soil, no makeup, a ponytail, a cup, a English hand book. From the beginning to see her high school textbooks, and then slowly changed to college textbooks, 46, one’s postgraduate entrance examination, toefl. Who have not believed, also did not care about what she is learning what, she is looking at what, she is what background, where she lives, how much wages, she has what dream, she learn what these want to do? In addition to learning what she is still learning? Hear nothing of。 Only residents sometimes read magazines at home for her, is probably thought that as long as there is a word that, for a lift, can be used to learn.

Later, she disappeared for a long time.

Goodbye to her, she was dressed in a suit and hurried into an office building. She doesn’t know me, but I remember her.

A rural girl, from small to large has not been out of the county, to Beijing in my friend’s home to do a nanny. In his spare time, she studied English learn Mandarin classes, read the self, do not know what level. Later, her master told me that this girl as a foreign language teacher, dedicated to do not have a lot of money wholesale nfl jerseys china but also need to Chinese counseling foreign students as a teacher, she didn’t pick the job, the size of the money earned, and save yourself, then bought a small QQ, it can quickly shuttle in the city, to the more the students in class, save money and time. Surprisingly, the girl also opened a breakfast Taner, every day to sell Soybean Milk egg and Clay oven rolls also sell MaryKay.

I think God has to be driven mad by this girl.

This is life in the three ordinary young people around me, they have no academic background not Niubi parents, they didn’t have the wrong choice of a University of professional opportunities, even what they called “professional counterparts” do not know, they even make high-quality expert will have no chance to fight. They want me, maybe you just something they desperately with extreme ease; hard earned money, maybe we can get from the hands of the parents of the opening numbers; they came to the city at the beginning, all the people couldn’t see the humble. But don’t be so tight, they can see themselves.

The koala tell me, young people are too want overnight, overnight, one thing for three months to see results, began to complain about the God of injustice, no bole. What is the struggle? Strive not to let you hell on Inferno WenJiQiWu head cantilever cone. Struggle is every day to do live, do small things in hand, do not drag not complain not to shirk not lazy. Every day a little bit of effort, to bring together tens of millions of courage, with your insistence, leading you to the place you want to go.

Is it difficult? Not difficult.

Have the courage to touch your heart say: my youth, do not complain about the community, do not complain about the injustice, only to go beyond their own. Hold on, mean everything!

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