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Up to now 7:50,usa nike nfl jerseys supply I have been studying for good quality get up two hours. Among them, including the naked listening to VOA news three times, the two chapters of the English novel, read the book of knowledge and interest in Jane’s article, and now began to write down the plan for the early morning article last night.

First of all, people have said the morning to get up early and work late at night to sleep every day by the work of the two time is equal, efficiency is the same, some people think that getting up early is very good but he is not, then they resigned since he not as mad to stay up for second days. Natural sleep wake up. In fact, this way to stay up all night to learn the dangers of the harm than early to get up early.

Wanshui harm too much, at 9-11 points to the immune system (lymph) detoxification time, 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. is the liver detoxification time. As to early every day, they got around ten will soon fall asleep, the function of the body are to the rest of the nfl jerseys free shipping state. Especially our girls, early than you apply mask effect is much better! Wanshui harm too much…

September 2014, I in order to improve the efficiency and quality of life, in the end of the summer to spend a lot of energy to study how to better time management, also referred to a lot of time management of people. But I found that others may not be suitable for their own. But after school is also basically able to adhere to the 7 point every day to get up, whether or not in the morning. At that time I state besides his studies, basically every two days you can read a book, including notes and Book reviews. The term in the stage, I decided to start running in the morning, shout a like-minded buddy, get up before six every day, about 6:20 go to the playground running, running 40 minutes stretching for 10 minutes and then back to the bedroom to buy breakfast. It is of course, I also 22:00 a day before bleary eyed, regardless of the time of the bedroom buddy how noisy, I can immediately enter the sleep state. Insist for a long time, friends say that my body becomes compact, skin becomes transparent cheap jerseys for sale.

Now I will introduce how I was able to cheap nfl jerseys from china get up 5:30?

First, instead of simply trying to get up at 5, why do you think wholesale nfl jerseys supply you should get up at 5? What is it for? The main reason why many people can’t keep up early is that you don’t want to know why you got up so early. I had a roommate who was 1 in the early hours of the test week to sleep, 5 in the morning on the endorsement, and then go to bed at 10 o’clock has been sleeping until the exam time to get up. This is because in the early if you cram, I guess you can’t hold on for a long time. You have to clarify the reason of their early, rather than watching others early can learn so many things and dongshixiaopin. You have to give yourself a reason to be able to get up early in the morning.

Second, the longer you get up, the harder you get up. From today on, if you are determined to get up 5:40, then you set up a 5:30 alarm clock, alarm clock ring, do not delay to get up. I am now using sleepbetter’s sleep tracking alarm clock. I set a 5:40 alarm clock, it will basically be in nfl jerseys free shipping my 5:20 sleep the most shallow time to wake me up, because this time I have enough sleep, so get up is not difficult.

Third, the key is to. Every one of us has his own biological clock. Many people say that I have get up late for several years, the biological clock has been formed, it is difficult to correct. I would like to ask a lot of people in the foreign country is not the time lag is a few days of jet lag is it? When you want to get up early and get up early, go to bed at 10 o’clock every day, don’t take any cell phone, IPAD, close your eyes and go to sleep. Here I tell you a way that I can’t sleep on my bed. You close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a are not what the space is surrounded by the dark, you slowly fell in this space, slowly falling. Use this method to estimate that you have not fallen down and you are already in a state of sleep. But in fact, you meet early after a few days, you have to have their physiological responses. Then I will give you a false logical relationship. Many people will think that the premise is to get up early. But the truth is, we are not because it was early, but it will get up early. As this is not something we can control human, we can not go to bed to sleep. But if we keep getting up early every day, it’s sure to get to a certain point and you want to go to bed.

Well, here it is. Hope to learn and communicate with everyone. A nagging, I got up at about six in the morning at school, around ten am to sleep at night. Now winter vacation at home, before half past five in the morning will get up, go to bed at night time is not scheduled, as early as 21 points or so, the latest will not be more than 23 points.

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