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I remember free shipping behind others clearly, jerseys from online the second day, my English is how a step by step down.I learn English early start, is probably the primary school grade two or three, in addition to the school class, but also on the interest. So, before the second day, my English grade has been good.

Although the fourth grade school because no unified textbook behind for a period of time, but the teacher and the parrot bird repeater was the most popular help, my English is still the best in class performance.

Junior high school teacher asked us to recite each text, but at the second time, the textbook of the article more long, I was back, is also read several times the level. When the teachers are not very strict, but in my opinion, the text is so funny and ridiculous. Plus I love more and more free grammar not to stick at trifles not demanding oral English class and be more reluctant to recite the text, don’t listen to English lessons, started crumbling like rock, the original solid English skills a little bit of crumbling. I don’t know, just for the children to learn a foreign language, the text is the best way to form a sense of language, just like back poetry, is not in use, but the formation of language feeling. Now remember, I can blurt out a lot of classical Chinese words, but for so many years English, remember the words “lift the basket onto the truck.” I don’t remember anything.

Gradually, I have a problem with my English. I can not understand the strict grammar, reading comprehension also began to confusion, even the most basic choice to fill in the blank also began to feel as if. Scores decline, it began to do countless exercises, but the problems are exactly the same, confusion and ambiguity. Can’t say I won’t, also can’t say I will, but is the constant error, the result is flat. When I got the table is a very cute girl, she could recite seriously from the beginning of the first, until after we separated from the senior high school entrance examination. Her mother came back from abroad when she was three, that year, her English by leaps and bounds, English got full marks in senior high school entrance examination 150 points, and I have only more than and 120 points, I even spell wrong a simple word.

Later, the former table girl high school on the province’s first school, I only on the province’s third. Later, she went to the school to read the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral and on the more famous schools. And I, high school English to enhance the difficulty, more blurred. Junior high school are too lazy to back, no time and interest in high school, English began to become a mediocre subject I. Later, I had a two in the campus, from dawn to dusk catching, stayed up so many nights, under so much hard work, finally just than classmates, but it has not become the advantages of the project, barely enough to find a job interview for a English meeting, but more advanced, such as more than 2 hours English dialogue game over.

I can’t say that I and the girl in the table before the difference between grades and life is from the beginning of the text, we can not say two of today’s life who is good bad, but this little thing has reminded me that the gap between people is from a small habits began to open, no matter at the time of the wholesale nfl jerseys supply examination results, or nfl jerseys free shipping the larger pattern of the future. Throughout his entire academic career, even life, are full of this kind of lazy and muddle along, this is not only appeared in the English class of the accident, all accidental is inevitable in his life. For example, I in addition to other disciplines of mathematics learning are not bad, do not know is not thorough, the category will also need to back back choosers, in my life, and now is almost always on the line even if the attitude, have the ability to have a delicate and elegant life, still impatient to impatient Maomao make a mess.

Whenever our life is not as good as others, will always be aware of their own to find a reason. For example, people have good father mother good, others are rich and powerful others have a good husband, good boss good company good pay, always feel nothing to cause the current dilemma. In fact, we are how to step by step behind the others, their own heart is particularly clear, is nothing more than a little bit of the gap between the beginning of life. For example, my friend in the morning party, at 5 in the morning to get up to start running in the morning, after a year to participate in the marathon was a small prize; reading party, a year can read hundreds of books; writing party, updated daily 5000 words, written in a month at a novel on the first page of watercress reading. I spent the evening in the brush mobile phone with purchasing to buy goods, want to read only at one point, exhausted, but do not advance from the morning run, writing can be a week to update a 1500 word feel completed a major event. Of course, you can comfort yourself, there is no comparability between people, there is no need to compare with others. Well, the key is, can not help but see others than their own good, with their own than to also that how good?

Come back to think, if my mother is a foreign language, or with

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