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A school master’s have read so many friend, trying to take nike jerseys free shipping a civil servant in Beijing, but the salary excluding rent, has become a problem for the future career can eat, magnanimous, and read a doctor, with his wife now older, is planning to have children, feel the pressure.

We have a common group, which master a pile of master, see even he was crying his salary is low, and everyone you say a word I complain about it. See friends all have the same way, then shouted, poor dead died poor, and so on, to work like to life, said he wanted to quit, I knew in the Empire had such constraints, as well as back home along the southeast coast to do business.

Finally, it comes down to a sentence: Alas, read the book for so many years, how to feel that they have to read the poor?

This is a perennial, even diving never speaks are coming out, say you know how many people want to take an examination of the national civil service test, you also want to quit, you sure you not pull hate?

Some people say, do you think the business is so good to do it jerseys from online now, you at least know Hanlaobaoshou, to do business to lose everything is not what.

This year, when it comes to pay, always feel a strong air of sorrow. High prices, especially high prices, has made most of the 80 has become a “eating the old” generation. Everyone thinks he earned less, is not enough, especially the high academic crowd, always feel sorry for yourself in the hands of the wages of nearly 20 years of hard work.

For this problem, I can quite see it open.

If a person has been reading, no money on the.

Education and ability can help us get a good job, but after all, most of the industry, it is impossible for us to make a fortune “. And everything is less than the problem, more than the next, the book read more, to get to know the level of interpersonal circles, but more easily than ordinary cheap nike jerseys china people feel that their money is not enough.

Once someone asked me, three years of graduate and three years of work experience, who is more important.

I think this problem is very interesting, because it is obvious that the graduate student is not everyone can read, and three years of work experience, but it is every work after the people have a long night.

However, when you read three years of graduate students, before graduation has entered the work, is cheap nike jerseys usa likely to have promotion and salary raise money, from this perspective, you must be better than he was much higher starting point. But you are at this time of wages, than the same period with you into the company’s undergraduate students to be more so a little.

This, it is considered a higher degree of social recognition and respect for it.

Bacon book is the ladder of human progress. This ladder, is the spiritual and technical cheap jerseys nfl aspects of the promotion, and the money can not be too much of a relationship.

In this case, why do we say that knowledge changes fate?

Why do people want to read? This is the way I understand it.

First, the establishment of the basic education of “reading”, in the limited time relatively quick to grasp some of the daily experience alone could not grasp the necessary knowledge of life, and some methods to solve specific problems.

For example, you can teach Chinese people doing things differently and exercise the mathematical logic thinking ability to solve specific problems, English – well, English is a Ministry of education that you should master a foreign language.

Out of the classroom reading, it is a person to expand their interests, to study their own interests in the field, to enhance their horizons, to open up their own business is an indispensable way.

“Reading is the lowest threshold in the world. As long as the money to pay a hamburger, you can get a writer in that period of time all the thoughts and time.” – book is the crystallization of the wisdom of predecessors, a person who will study, can make their own ideas to get the power of the predecessors, go further in the spiritual level.

If you want to do academic research, then this life you probably can not be separated from the book can not be separated from the.

If you’re going to run a business, it’s not good to read without reading. Many farmers entrepreneurs, the primary school did not graduate from the same day to tens of thousands of people who are much higher than her salary. Because that is a real knowledge comes from practice knowledge, more empty talk can’t have gold.

Second, we all have to go through the national compulsory education and college entrance examination, in fact, function, is a kind of social ladder.

Through the college entrance examination and higher education, the people of a family can flow between different classes of society. For example, children of farmers will not only for generations farming, they can through their own efforts to become civil servants, or relatively high social status, such as teachers, doctors, or financial practitioners.

So, knowledge can change fate, but can not directly bring money, if you want to make money, then you should not do is continue to study, but soon after mastering a skill, the first investment money.

Every evening, a crowded subway or on the bridge, there are always some fashionable clothing workers in the stall, I believe all of us are no less seen. You may see things not to regard it as right, sometimes, will stop or squat down to play, out of pocket to buy a love.

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