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This is a common day.Up in the morning everything is the cheap jerseys, she found wholesale with superior 100% guarantee the house was cut off. So no way to use hot water wash, use a hair dryer blowing hair, not Hot Milk, toast, had to hastily go take care of it.

Just walked into the elevator, the neighbour’s dog suddenly rushed down, two black claw son suddenly appeared just bought last week the white dress.

Drive by the police stopped, just want to up today, the limit line, fined one hundred. To the company, just a minute late, and fined fifty.

Into the meeting room to open regular meetings, the boss is announced a list of job adjustment. Her business has been suspended for no reason, her position is a know all day open have neither learning nor skill, luxury cars, with short Bo Lai global young model replaced by guy.

Lunch time, all clamouring for the new director treat, like a swarm of bees laughing out of the door, no one told her.

She went to a restaurant, just put a meal into her mouth, an important customer call.

The other is cancelled the cheap jerseys nfl largest amount of orders at the end of the bonus.

She looked at the lunch in front of her, and she had no appetite. Just back to the company, the phone rang, mother choked on the end of the phone, said the grandmother’s disease again, may not survive this month.

She comforted her mother, did not dare mention their work nike jerseys free shipping changes, only say that as soon as possible to go back to see grandma. Put down the phone, the short message.

Actually is the object of ten years of love to send the message: HI, I’m going to get married.

At dusk, she stood on the roadside waiting for a taxi to go home, can be heard every driver to place him. Helpless, she stepped on high heels, carrying a heavy computer bag, to the direction of the home.

Quick feet grind Xuepao, really walk, too much pain, she squatted down gently rubbing cheap nike jerseys usa the wound.

The night is over, the top of the head of the moon cold overlooking her, as if silent reminder, home or a dark.

In a moment her eyes brim over with tears……

It seems that our life is filled with sorrow.

The effort will be hastily ending a sudden turn for the worse, The imprint is engraved cheap nike jerseys china on my heart., moths will ashes to ashes.

So we are disappointed, frustrated, confused, struggling, and even despair, all of which have a deep sense of distrust and resistance. Finally feel exhausted, there is no way to go. But really can not go down?

She stood up, wiped her tears, and shook her feet. Until the next intersection, there is a car finally stopped. At the address, the driver said kindly coincidence, we live in the same district, see the little girl you go hard, just call it a day, send you home free.

She was in the car, and the phone rang. Customer at the other end said that although the order was canceled, but her dedication to make him feel touched. Do not know whether she is interested in the new job? If you are willing to jump into their own company, salary doubled, job also upgrade. He said, in fact, I wait for you to resign has been waiting for a long time.

She was pleasantly surprised to say thank you, the mood click into place. So conveniently to secretly like object back to a text message, said I wish you happiness. Mobile phone screen flashing, he sent a reply: today, I told my aunt on the phone, we go home this weekend to see grandma.

She surprised: why do you want to accompany me back home to see grandma?

He sent a smiling face: if you do not want to let Grandma happy, I will not put him in advance so long.

She dare not looked at that shop, open mouthed, helpless.

He likes to know her feelings, and hair: I know, I like you.

Her eyes suddenly red, but in the heart of the bombing to open a few fireworks.

The way smiled. Go home, take out the key, the door of the neighbor’s door is opened.

The neighbors smiled and said: today I found the dog back, your home switch is broken, call my husband to help you to repair.

Behind her, the dog barked his head, two tails wagging.

She opened the door to a warm, warm eyes.

All the stories will have an answer. All the answers are not always what they want to be.

It is important that before the final answer comes, whether you are able to endure patiently, keep steady heart, get the corner light.

At any time, you. At best.

Relax, hold on, everything is the best arrangement.

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