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I had a period Please remember of insurance sales. In order supply cheap nfl jerseys to motivate employees to go forward, the company will be open every day early, not only sales of people can do a passionate speech, the new can also be said to experience the experience.

Although the atmosphere is very good, the couple is still a little shy, at least, I have not been on a stage. But a girl who was in the same position as me was always trying to find a chance to get on the stage. She speaks Mandarin is very poor, often let people hear what is said, the expression is not fluent, always stumbles. To listen to her talk, not to enjoy, but a kind of punishment. Therefore, every time she stood on the stage, the following began to whisper, some people complain that there is wrong, some people despise. Fortunately, the manager always thumbs up, constantly give her encouragement, so she will be able to stand on the stage again and again three.

Just, this work is not as good as imagined so well done, I had to find a good character to find a suitable job.

Later, I heard that the company due to the development needs, the other set up a division, the person in charge is actually that even Mandarin can not say a good girl. I was stunned, heard from my colleagues, she had really not culture background, even fluent Mandarin was not good but she ignored the derision, insisted on stage to practice guts, not only gives a standard Mandarin, performance is also straight up. Company leader is to take a fancy to her brave, so she served as division manager.

Because of the brave, she quickly completed the transition from the cheap jerseys nfl workplace to the workplace rookie rookie.

My cousin is 1.55 meters tall, looks not sweet, is not good, nor can wealth female, surprisingly, she had a husband, a man of striking appearance.

The man is a cousin company department, 1.8 cheap jerseys wholesale meters tall, not only handsome, gentle, the future is limitless, every day is still open to work on the car, the most important is that the person is a single diamond Bachelor of hundred-percent.

The company’s female colleague, dark heart Xu is not a few, including body model, star face, also have a good family, or full of talent. All together, always talking about “God” naturally or half unconsciously, even secretly rivalry, hoping to win the “God” of concern.

Among these female colleagues, the cousin is the most humble one, but people did not expect that, a year later, the male god of marriage, the bride is actually no bright spot of the cousin.

It turned out that her cousin also like the “male god”, she knows, by virtue of their own conditions, the “male god” is not possible to cheap nike jerseys china notice her. So, she took the initiative to attack, invite each other to dinner, invited each other to travel together, and finally came to a deep feeling confession. “Male god” greatly moved, said never seen such a brave girl like her cousin, affection also slowly grow up.

Because of the brave, cousin to fight for their own Golden fate God bestows.

A friend, not handsome, family in general, no blinding degree, even so, have proficiency cheap nike jerseys usa in a particular line, when unhappy in marriage, want to divorce, by unanimous opposition. “People to the middle-aged woman, the value of the early shrinkage of the water, men do not find a small three already thank God, but also a divorce?”

However, all the opposition did not allow her to shake the half, she quickly divorced, with a young son to move out of the original home, rented a house in the suburbs, began a single mother’s life.

Then, she did the more outrageous things: quit his job, home writing.

Parents do not light, friends advised, others are very sarcastic, but she was completely unmoved, stick to their choice.

During that time, income is indeed very little, she can not afford to pay utilities, not to the market to buy food, only to wait until after dark to pick up some of the leaves of other people dropped out, barely to maintain their own and son’s life.

The people around her life fall, her life has become better, more and more money, the first book, buy a car, make a lot of friends, and a new love, and quickly put on the wedding, the bride’s happiness.

Because of her brave, her life is rich and colorful.

No matter, love, or life, want the brilliance, beautiful and moist, in the capital, or beautiful, talented or threatening, or distinguished family. If it is very unfortunate, these are not, then, please remember to be brave, brave, brave to love, brave to break. Do not be laughed at by others down, not by their own vanity, will break into a beautiful world.

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