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I once took a subordinate nfl jerseys for sale china, came from a free shipping same ten years prestigious school, English eight, smart, capable, strong learning ability, a lot of new things and new knowledge to maintain a strong interest. When I called him into the company, he was still less than a year, has been to skip the two companies. At that time, I think he may not be very stable, but it is too love, so will he stay on the Engineer position.

Indeed, he did less than five months, he resigned. Pro before leaving, because I felt that I was good for him, taught him a lot of things, so I think to say. He said he felt in the past to be in the company, his quality, ability is not bad, in some of the lower than their own people to work, the heart has unwilling, so constantly looking for new opportunities. This time, that soon he was promoted to supervisor, but a few months off, his bosses are very stable, leaving the possibility is very small. And I gave him the possibility of an additional director with the position is almost no, so, as early as possible to leave, and find a new way.

I said to you six months of performance, your growth rate is very fast, as long as we go, can take charge as chief of the future. But now is not the time. After all, this is a professional, not a university study, in theory, know on the line, but also need to be in the actual operation of the slow precipitation. There are some things that you have only experienced, failed, and successful, and can be understood from a deeper level. Now, a lot of things you have not experienced, and wanted to do some charge too soon. As long as you can bear cheap nfl jerseys the loneliness, over time, there will be a lot of opportunities.

But he can’t wait. He thanked me for his confidence and his confession, but he thought it was better to go in the other way. So, in this way, resolutely leave. I feel very sorry. But since this is his choice, I only respect him, and for his blessing.

After he left, he would call me from time to time. In the intermittent call, I heard his elusive, almost throughout most of the corner of the Pearl River delta. On the phone, he has complained about the injustice, the eye does not know the boss. But more, it is the desire of the new company’s new position. He was constantly listen to news, sometimes I can not help but ask yourself: am I old, the idea is too old, too no momentum? But soon, I shook my head again.

Three years later, I left the company and went to the new company. The new company grew very fast, and the staff were very fast. After I nfl jerseys 2016 took over, just less than half a year, I was under the jurisdiction of the Department of 50 people, quickly increased to 400 people. As a result, the management and training has become a big challenge, a number of important positions, it is becoming more and more scarce talent. At that time, the laboratory imported a lot of equipment, the original laboratory person in charge of the device, because the pressure is too large, the application to resign. I chose in the Department for a long time, choose not to succeed, but the executive department, but also a long time to find the right person. Is anxious, I suddenly thought of the resignation of the subordinate three years ago. I think he is a piece of jade, but lack of polish, perhaps, experienced such a process, can grow or break. So call him, he listened very excited, immediately promised to come over.

In this new position, he is doing very supply cheap nfl jerseys well, the progress cheap nfl jerseys for sale is very fast. His daily translation of the information desk at night, during the day do not stop adjustment test program. Soon, all the equipment in the lab is in order. Then, he summarizes all the work documents, to modify, add. His diligence and hard work, also attracted the attention of his colleagues, all of his praise. For some time, I think, perhaps give him such a relaxed environment, provide a let him give full play to the talent and drive of the post, he may really go beyond, jumped to a new level to.

However, good scenery or not last too long. Seventh months, he suddenly came to me. This time with the last, he is still very honest with me. He told me that he was very happy for seven months, but also to participate in the work for so many years, most have a sense of accomplishment for a period of time. Although he felt that our department atmosphere is very good, we have a passion to catch up with the momentum, but the overall atmosphere is too lazy, too slow, serious phenomenon of mutually making excuses. Finally he said: “Lee manager, to tell the truth, I admire you, you have a cavity to change the company, but I think it can not do. In fact, the whole company, you’re the only one who thinks the manager is heavily doing good, other people, too selfish. And the idea of the old boss is too old, I think this enterprise is very difficult to develop, it is better to leave as soon as possible.”

I advised him: “you said these phenomena do exist. It is with these problems, we need to change. In fact, the company’s business has long been aware of this point. This is the reason they introduced a large number of new team. Although we are not a long time to join, but the company has now been the concept and work habits caused by the impact. At the very least, the quality department is not the same as before. I believe that with more people to join, change the speed and the process will be accelerated. But in any case, the change is a gradual process, can not be achieved overnight. We are able to endure the change

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