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Far away in People are forced shop the United States to study 2016 nfl jerseys online friends to my Tucao, said recently there was a stranger to her QQ, asked her to know who he is. She did not think of the name of the other party, the original is not linked to many years old students.

She was very easy to think of the depths of the memory of the name, back to a “it is you, long time no see”. The other side said, “Yeah, long time no see, still remember me?” I heard that you are now in the United States XX University (a well-known institutions) to read the whole award, hello cattle force.”

Friends are polite to say, where is the luck.

The other party is not polite, without demur sent a big bag of files, is used for various forms of data of an American school PHD. To help her see also what needs to be supplemented, and help him to apply for the best written is also a suggestion.

Friends are busy, but also a lot of presentation to do, follow the top instructors do reaserch, it is not so good. To cope with the daily learning task is stressful, her own things are busy, it is free to help people to get these, ha ha ha smile in front of the computer.

Think about it and not the other way, she said to him, his hand very busy recently, may not spare time to help you.

“Old classmate” then said, can you help me find a cow force point of the professor to write a letter of recommendation?

Friends Speechless, think big brother, I nfl jerseys for sale don’t know you, say, gehangrugeshan, not a professional, I go to help you find the professor.

Had to politely refuse: this, your professional professor, I do not know you.

The other side asked, then you just find a cow force point of the professor?

Friends laugh, “literally”, but also “cow force”, which is really a bit difficult.

The other side immediately changed the attitude, complaining about her, ah, the students said that you are now well mixed, I came to you to help. Indeed as expected the cow force, do not know the old students. So little busy, do not want to help me.

Now, some people think that the problem of thinking is really strange. But there are still a lot of people, that is, he thought.

Others forced than your cattle, it will help you? She was able to get the full prize out of the doctor’s time, looking for you to help you? They do not own hangchikengchi write an application to prepare materials, no one to help her? Even if someone helps you, that person is not you.

She is now to some extent, can be described as a mix of cow force, but that and you have what cheap nfl jerseys relationship? Why did she have to help you?

Know an English professional translation of the eight sister, every year is particularly afraid to go home for the new year. Because her family has a lot of brothers and sisters, waiting for her to go home to talk about english”. What aunt’s daughter, uncle’s son, there is a former teacher who is going to college entrance examination relatives.

She is doing the translation, because the professional is relatively good, then translation on the outside of the private life is 1000 two hundred. Work is also quite hard, go back home, not only no time to rest, than to go to work when busy. Not to translate is to change English English, resume, or to help a child to learn English “about the topic nfl jerseys 2016” what.

She said she was determined not to return home development, the main reason is that small city net work is to ask for money. Although she did not love the big city heavy traffic crowded, do not love to work a few hours wasted on the road, but she love the spirit of contract in big city, love things before the price tag frank.

In the big city, needless to say everyone knows that, please give labor is to pay the corresponding price, there will be so many people, for you free to have peace of mind.

She always said, come home every time, psychological pressure is great, but also help the help that, so many relatives, even keeled is difficult. Also, you help people think that the two minute thing, do not care, you can not help, others will think you are stingy, not sensible, that’s all busy will not help! What’s more, even her own parents the same argument.

It is not easy to say in the outside, in fact, it is not easy to go home.

WeChat has a net friend, do not know when to add the. For several hundred years, I did not say a word, suddenly asked me, you will PS it? I said I would ah, she said, then you add my QQ it, teach me to chant in Q?

I think she is very funny, I will, I will I have to be responsible for teaching you? I told her, learning software posts and video, online everywhere, and software such things, their own more natural will be used. Moreover, the specific circumstances of the specific settlement, to do something out, two people can not face to face communication, it is difficult to say clearly.

Remember to read a post, the station is the cause of a cool,cheap nfl jerseys for sale what will not only join the self proclaimed “rookie” of the people complaining about him, said online God love Poser drunby, not willing to teach rookie technology. So the man who wrote a long article, why those God not willing to teach you these “food”? Because you are not even the most basic things do not understand, also asked the West here. For example, you are told, this is the “multiply” “this is a” Mask “here is used in polar coordinate and distortion”, you have to ask, multiply is what? Meng version how to do? extremely

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