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Once a girl asked me china cheap super bowl jerseys what I felt after twenty.fate to start I said, twenty-five years ago, you feel in the hand knife running time; after the age of twenty-five, you feel like an arrow of time. I was quite old to the girl said, you should cherish the time ah, soon passed, Ping, you have a chance to react.

Twenty years before that, but life is to follow the prescribed order of life. Work, get married, have children. Reality always tells you how stupid you are. Life is like a playground, always at the peak and at any time to the bottom, but between each other a turning distance. Sorry girl, life is dialectical. I really hope I can tell you, your life will be in the boundless plain everything. But we all know it’s impossible, right?

You may grow from the workplace rookie workplace Montana, may also from this life you may muddle along without any aim; talk about love many times left many wrong people, may also be a hit in life; you may experience the pain of lost loved ones, may happy feelings of new life; you may even get married and divorced.

You will slowly find you like being pushed down the cliff young, really everything on 2016 nfl jerseys online your own. First you will be faced with the choice, everything is really like “the train” said as “choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family, choose a fucking big television, choose washing machine, car CD player, electric can opener, choose good health, low cholesterol, dental insurance, low interest loans. Choose a house, choose a friend, choose leisurewear and collocation of the trunk, choose to pay in installments, three piece suit, choose your future, choose life”. There may be suggestions, but no one else is responsible for your life except you. You make choices, you take responsibility.

Sometimes chat with friends a few years ago, we always sigh, which can think of a year before so many things happen? Even now wanted to feel unbelievable. As if yesterday is still no position for work, worrying about the future. Get the guard second days notice, in the new position of eighteen Wu Yi are not enough.

Work begins to work and people around you are beginning to value your opinion more than ever. You have been good at work, more and more by your boss, began to take over the work content is more important for the core. At this time in addition to work without computer crashes, what would make you more troubles. Love? Probably would cry, but crying even ten minutes, but also tomorrow, will have to do is to open, report, data must pay, cry too swollen can see.

When you think the world is in your place wholesale super bowl jerseys with extreme ease “health”, the first to become one of the most vexing problems. The body sends out the signal already not you to be unable to neglect, cannot rely on own immunity to be able to carry on past time again. The first time to go to the hospital alone, in the face of a doctor, in the face of all kinds of checks, in the face of good or bad results. In the face of bad results, there will still be a collapse, but the collapse of the sense of fleeting, inside there is a steady force tell you “collapse is meaningless, the only solution can solve the problem in time to have the significance”.

You are more and more powerful, you can control yourself and your life, you have begun to pay for everything. In the face of bad results, you think more is their own what kind of loss, how much time will be restored. Don’t know if you noticed, no what can destroy you, no harm can only hurt a part of you, whether it is romance, unemployment, loss of love or disgrace. You know that life goes on no matter what. You are an adult.

For a time, I particularly like to persuade people, said not good to call preaching. Miss vicious suffer, until one day she quietly said “you are so love ah”. I’m not surprised. You see, I am not this age, and what I have experienced, you may cheap nfl jerseys not experience. You experience, I may not have experienced. What is the use of my experience for you? But I still can not help but say, enjoy it, girl, enjoy your most prosperous moments.

Perhaps the age of thirty, youth and money and success. Perhaps the age of forty, such as wine, mellow and gentle. Any age can only experience once, but at this time, really is the most prosperous summer life. You’ll probably have the most love. Everybody loves you, but they hurt super bowl jerseys for women you too. You can knock on the door to any world. Everyone welcomes you, but they will betray you. You could be anyone. It may be someone you want, or someone you don’t want.

There are countless people saying that life is to let you slowly become the kind of person you despised. About your life there are a lot of people say to you, when I was young and just like you, but life will put all the corners down, you will find that in fact almost everyone at last. In fact, it is difficult to be an interesting person, but it is not impossible. The problem is that you can’t because you want to go the road is difficult

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