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The so-called ideal Keep trying until is to put our vision on a nike nfl jerseys from china succeed measure of the value of the scale, and then decide where to go, where to go, how far, and who go.

From the perspective of private enterprises, I do business is a kind of forced to start, but I used to any judgment, with their own values to guide me to do so, I have been happy to do when the funeral. Cause I always feel like I’m going somewhere in my heart. At this time, I will think of Lu Xun’s novel “passing”: the passing ability to walk, he kept walking, one day he went to a tea stall with an old man and a child dialogue, ask the way ahead. The old man told him, had a cemetery, one turn, almost to the. He asked the child again, and the child told him that you saw the flower, and went on. The same place, the eyes of the elderly see the tomb, children see flowers, visible two people’s vision and mentality is very different. And this traveler heart only one word, is – I want to go, I want to go, I want to go.

I often think of this story in the process of entrepreneurship and toss, I have two places to go, a tomb, a flower, no matter which, always is I want to go state. This idea with me, make me very passive venture from the beginning, even later jerseys factory supply even indebted, life has come to the most desperate time, never give up, when the funeral is still happy to do, because I realize the ideal is the hope of the wind, is the light at the end of the darkness, with it, I can drive away the darkness and fear, although I don’t know how far ahead, but still have the strength to carry on.

50 year old birthday Eve, I decided to give myself a very special and memorable birthday gift to Taiwan by bike trip around the island. At the time when the summer, every day I ride more than and 80 kilometers, a total of around 5500 kilometers, all the way to see the old lady than I Meng, she bowed. I asked her, how do you go? She said I would pray pray and worship, worship has not stopped. I admire, gave her a bottle of water, she continued to worship. I really hard to imagine, a thin old lady thin body, which come so much energy? But she has an answer: heart Buddha, have faith, ideal and happy paradise, so only so perseverance and energy, constantly bow down, maybe one day her knee bleeding was unaware, maybe one day she will be tired dizzy, but she was not the pursuit of heaven fall.

I’ll tell you another story about Cui Yongyuan. We’re not related to the original, I believe he also have moral dissatisfaction with the “black developer” in CCTV to see small Cui also seems to be a bit old, what the ideal about the long march. Later, I heard a friend say he was doing an oral history of finishing work. One day, we met in Shangri-La, he sent me some comic books and their oral history of information, I found that the screen is very small outside choi. () one summer, I put this story to  cheap nike best nfl jerseys Wang Shi, Wang Shi walked to the small Cui studio, the studio to see Cui Yongyuan, we spent more than twenty years of time has been to be a responsible man, this man is nothing trouble, the other thing when their own thing, their own thing seriously, oneself have depression,jerseys supply center or worry about the history of the nation is not recorded. This really touched me, but also touched Wang Shi, and later we became good friends, also participated in the oral history of the project, a record of this era and the times people’s thoughts and deeds.

The ancients said, is bound to have a firm and indomitable will, have a firm and indomitable force. Ambition is to bring perseverance thing, like the old lady kowtow around the island, if she was not the Buddha, how can have the guts to kowtow to the island? Based on ideal faith and perseverance, not to deceive is not false, but let us get ideal energy and wealth, but also in our pain and misfortune keep us alive. Otherwise, when we encounter great difficulties, it is possible to choose to escape, even in the unknown when the choice of death.

In this complex, pluralistic values era, we hope that nike nfl jerseys word “ideal” no longer refused, no longer diaphragm, no longer away from it, but from the foot to start, day by day efforts until success.

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