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Opportunity is not luck Heaven is jerseys from china, opportunity is wholesale supply not necessarily your deep thinking of the entrepreneurial environment trends. Deep thinking is more important than your diligence! Most of the opportunities are only passively exploited. Only a small number of entrepreneurs are proactive to judge and capture opportunities.

Loneliness, every entrepreneur born.

Being an early founder is very difficult. Because you face employees, it is difficult to explain to him, the company may only have three months wages, even after the wages of the wages of three months from where to come, I do not know. You can’t share this fact with them. You have to tell them that you’re doing a very great thing. In fact, you don’t even know what to do tomorrow.

Second, you can not and your investors to share this matter. Because not all investors have the courage to hear the real situation. You can’t stand in the spotlight and share your story with the media. You say you are bright, but in fact, your pressure can not be shared.

This loneliness is an entrepreneur born. And the more successful entrepreneurs, greater loneliness at work. Why? If you don’t succeed, you may lose your job and switch to another office for two years. If you succeed, you are tired by success, you have the halo. Everyone thinks you should be more successful. This aura makes your loneliness stronger.

So investors agree, and let entrepreneurs put down the so-called burden is essentially essential entrepreneurs. In fact, investors to vote for you a document, which is not important. Cast a money really hit it off with you because of your identity.

Only investors to this identity, with a real, after three months to send the wages of this account to them. So, you see those really good investors, they deep respect for entrepreneurs.

They are from the heart to understand, between them is not a commanding position overlooking the attitude, they are equal, or even entrepreneurs have a higher position. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you really need to find is able to identify with your investors, rather than a check. I’m a nobody, but I love entrepreneurship. I know how to help Chinese entrepreneurs succeed, this is the real wealth. This is the real value of the mainstream society. So identity is a very important point. Entrepreneurship needs something valuable.

Heaven is not necessarily chouqin, deep thinking is more important than hard work.

I want to tell a story. I met Lei Jun in 2003. Before investing in Millet in 2010, the two of us had about six or seven years as friends. I forget this story happened in what year, perhaps in 2007, perhaps in 2006, perhaps in 2008.

Once, I forget what the reason is, Lei Jun gave me a call he said: “I think you do have their own originality jerseys china factoryinvestment, can you tell me how to be a successful investor? Why do you invest very well?”

I gave him an answer, “I believe I am extremely diligent. I believe that heaven will chouqin! I believe that if you work hard, you can be a very good investor.” I thought the answer to get at least part of the identity of Lei Jun, I did not expect, he gave me a surprise feedback. The answer is not necessarily chouqin heaven.

This point of view gave me great stimulation. I came to realize later that diligence may be necessary, but diligence is far from enough.

This understanding, maybe I can share another interesting story and everyone is a book. This book can be found on watercress, called “heterogeneous”. In the review, there is such a bean, a segment of the “alien” in a book, the analysis of social who are successful writer Gladwell, the readers can see the statistical results of a series of surprise: the Premier League most of the players born in September and November; Bill Gate and Steve Jobs were born in 1955 and founder of the New York; many famous nike nfl jerseys from china law firms jerseys from china are actually of Jewish descent, and their ancestors are mostly living in the apparel industry in New York.

Why are these strange statistical results?

I can give you a few more examples. I checked the Internet jerseys from online yesterday and several: rich list of several successful entrepreneurs, I give you a reported age ah. Robin Li was born in November 1968, Lei Jun was born in December 1969, Zhou Hongyi was born in October 1970, Ding Lei was born in October 1971, Ma Huateng was born in October 1971. Slightly different point, Ma was born in October 1964.

Let me give you an example, I am the 98 level in central europe. 98 CEIBS graduates are interesting. When I went back to central Europe, I heard such a joke. Many students and teachers say, you 98 graduates, is there any special gene. You see, your class to do special venture capital, such as Liu Qin, such as Shi Jianming, such as Sequoia Capital of Yue Yue, CDH’s, China’s cultural entrepreneurship fund Chen hang. Higher than we are a level 97 also have several.

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