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I always felt that life sense of wholesale undergraduate four years have the most $19 nike nfl jerseys better difficult node of the two. A per semester is third months, because we found that the total near the end of the period, all made the heroic utterance at the beginning of the term have not reached, spend less, eat more vegetables, every day study six hours a week to go to the gym three times, the final score in the top 10%…… These all became a joke in the final.

Another node is third year after enrollment, when you find that you didn’t get the students to get internships, scholarships and opportunities to go abroad, you can not help but ask yourself: “we school performance and ability are the same, why after three years gap so far, this problem also makes you uncomfortable.

I don’t know how many people wholesale nfl jerseys are out of the anxiety, chose to read Master, PhD, who has chosen to fight again in two to five years to complete, not to make up before the desire to chase those above his classmates.

But I’m pretty sure that when you’re in a state of remorse and anxiety, you’re not likely to listen to life talk about ideals, general education, and social contributions. Because those are like the moon hanging high in the sky, and what you worry about is that you miss the next bus after you miss a bus. Even if you have begun to consider, you can have the number of annual salary is enough to send their children to bilingual kindergarten in the north of Guangzhou, settled in the home in Beijing to find a girlfriend, to the future.

However, please don’t rush to conclude that we are bound by group utilitarianism and short-sighted young people. Because I know many of my peers, with a strong sense of social responsibility. We are also eager to change what is eager to make a beneficial social innovation in the business circles of government agencies, are also eager to wholesale nfl jerseys nike make a difference, but there is little hand handle to guide our balance conflicts between ideal and reality, few people have helped us to reconcile the contradiction of cognition.

We set off in the ideal walk, but the road resistance temptation of anxiety more wrong, we walked, separated. I don’t want to do a fine egoist, but not single handedly out of the vicious circle of real constraints.

This illustrates one thing: the ideal is very important; but only on the vision of vision, will never come to an end. We also have a torch to light the way, a windshield glasses and have the rain hat, have on the donkey. We have to find some partners outside the ideal accompanied by their own, in order to find the direction when there is no direction, in order to the ideal has not landed the ideal stick.

For me the first partner is courage. We often put courage as dare to question the courage to play, the modifier, but in fact courage than questioned and play harder to cultivate. When my opinion and most people are not the same, when I choose the occupation target is a backwater is a dangerous road, when the ideal opportunity is not perfect but transient, we have to rely on courage, by rational things, dare to express their opinions, dare wholesale nfl jerseys in usa to do their own think of others but does not recognize the thing, dare to get things done in an uncertain environment. Sometimes people use “I’m brave, just don’t want to show” this phrase deceive yourself. But courage, like a muscle, needs not to shrink, but to be strengthened by repeated exercises in every place where courage is needed.

Second partners is a hobby. Some days my leisure time is spent in this way: open the over today’s new, then open the WeChat circle of friends from the top of the bottom brush, until the end of each visit worthy of comment and praise the content, and then back to, at this time there is no WeChat brush new content…… This is not a joke, this reflects a phenomenon, we used to rely on social networks to push over the thin thrill of thirst, but drink more and more tired and thirstier, rarely received completely satisfied. () this day a day for two days, but not a week will make people irritable, we have to get enough strength to meet outside of a social network like culture, it can play any form of swimming singing cook, can also be with male and female friends, as long as it makes you enjoy but not indulge. Finding a reward mechanism for yourself is no easier than finding an ideal, but once you find it, it will be a weapon to resist boredom and emptiness all your life.

Third partners is a habit. 12 wholesale football jerseys years of Tsinghua Department of precision instruments, madonghan, in defense of undergraduates presented a special scholarship in her schedule, from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., every hour for airtight. Some people worry that too much planning life will lose their freedom, but in fact the lack of planning life is less free — because you always take the time to consider the next hour what is the reading paper or visiting the Taobao brush everyone, you have to beat the mind N lazy idea, can be determined to do it 1 important things. This struggle process is very consumed willpower, and willpower is a scarce resource for anyone. Fixing things at a fixed time and forming some good habits can help save willpower and put willpower on more difficult tasks.

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