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This way has been experienced, love and wholesale nba jerseys hate and wrong,nba jerseys with free shipping the passage of time. jerseys best serviceI am not afraid of how cold the road, nor the way how bleak the road, as long as the life. There is still a little more than warm. I will try hard to run, until the end of a journey.

Life is but a dream。 I dream. When you wake up all the dreams, everything is in a hurry to water. If life is a drama, I would like to play with the youth, play to the end. If the other side of the sea, not to miss you. I would like a silly waiting, and you The end of life,

Has always felt that time is like a rain. Falling in every season, just like the one that walks in the time of missing. Like drizzle, fall in every years. Time, the tree under the tree leaves, the fuzzy figure, say all the vicissitudes of life, such as a fleeting flower. Witness my waiting in time,

Some feeling, always thought that can keep to the end, especially not know one, the sudden goodbye. Gradually away from all the moving, some people, and even too late to say goodbye. It is clear that the static good, although some people, to catch up with the pace of parting. Can face each other, once every morning and evening, is silent wins words scene, every day in the life experience, such a thing. The so-called life gather, someone come in. Someone will leave. Someone to the point, someone will come to the end.

Fleeting as fall in the earth of the road, a winter autumn leaves gradually. The world, the frozen snow away. Don’t forget that evening. Drop the curtain. Snow over the flowers, language words. That year, you are my time on the road, the scenery alone is good, that night, you are my way in the years of the song shake. Farewell forever forever.

The night was used to eat, and parents will talk of the day, watching the news, I went back to my own room playing online games, as usual. Is to Chinese NFL jerseys hear the voice of Restroom basin, who did not care to eat, parents also said these from the rural home to get the fish really very energetic, ready to raise, so two days which fish not to kill what to eat. I nba jersey halfway on the toilet several times, also went to see Xiaoqing, found this little guy is more active, constantly hit the touch this, roll up and down in the fish pulling four awfully, claws, although small, but it looks very impressive.” You can toss it, you do not give you Qing Qiu, with a few men. “But just in case, I automatic speaking, I took a mop to the toilet drain blocked.

As usual, I am still playing the game to sleep at 1am, or ear waves rushing water, but stumbled in the night like voice slowly off. The army’s biological clock once formed, it is difficult to change, at half past six, I wake up on time, going to wash down to the roof with a little exercise, drowsiness, I walked into the Restroom to brush your teeth, but do not know why always feel where not to, couldn’t think up. When the cold water to wash the face after wake up, I suddenly know where is wrong, there is no splash.

I quickly wiped his face, two step into the bathroom to see is green Qiu left large tubs, where yesterday put to fish!

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