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You always hate me please take authentic smoking, I am also very eager to nike nfl jersey free shipping letter quit smoking, but, I have not done, very ashamed.Today, tell you about my smoking, may be helpful to you.In 1983, at the age of nineteen, I started my college career.

Our dormitory has eight classmates, of which two are drug addicts. They have a habit of pulling out cigarettes when always like a “lap”, that is, everyone sent a. This is a bad habit of Chinese people in communication, smoking people do not “lap” is not enough to prove their generosity. I, then just started my collective life, actually very fragile. I can bravely refused, but taking into account the day after the human, I made a mistake: I accept. It was a bad start, and many bad starts were started by not sticking to it.

But people also need to compromise, in many issues do not involve principles, do not insist on doing their own is not very serious thing. My problem is that I am afraid to insist on doing their own at the same time made a small mistake: vanity. In fact, the so-called “lap” is a very false generosity, if the parties do not get returns, he will not “fight”. This is common sense, you know. My vanity is here, people are “please” me several times, how can I not “return”? I began to buy cigarettes is my little vanity, vanity forced me in nike nfl jerseys the time has not been addicted to buy cigarettes to go.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, children, making mistakes is never a big deal. There is one thing you should remember: learn to use the right way to face their own mistakes, in particular, can not add the wrong way to correct their mistakes. Really do not know how to deal with, you would prefer not to deal with.

How am I addicted to smoking? This is what I want to tell you.

Because smoking on campus, during the day can not smoke, my cigarettes can not carry. Where do you put it? On the edge of the pillow. Finally, one day, your grandfather, that is, my father, came to Yangzhou meeting. He came to see me at the meeting. When your grandfather sitting on the bed when I chat with me, I suddenly found my pillow cigarette, it was too late to hide. In my understanding of your grandfather, he must have seen, but he said nothing nike nfl jerseys for women. You know, your grandfather smokes, but that doesn’t mean he’ll approve of his son smoking. – what will he do with my smoking? I am afraid, in fact, such as pins and needles.

Ten minutes had passed, I was very anxious. Ten minutes later, your grandfather took out a cigarette, pulled out a root, in hesitation. Finally, he did not put the cigarette to the mouth, but on the table, in front of me, half on the table, half empty. My child, I especially want you to pay attention to this detail: your grandfather did not send cigarettes to your father’s hand, but on the table. Later, your father took the cigarettes up, your grandfather personally help your father point.

Now, I want to tell you wholesale cheap women jerseys  my mental feelings as accurately as possible. When you help your father grandpa cigarette, your father nike nfl jerseys cheap china almost cried, he made an effort to hold back the tears. Your dad decided that the scene was a moving ceremony – he was a real man, and his identity was completely confirmed.

In fact, this is a miscarriage of justice.

Let’s say something else, you know, as your father, I criticized you, but, do not know if you notice not, Dad almost did not criticize you in front of outsiders. You have your dignity, dad has no right to deprive it in front of your partner. Similarly, you don’t approve of my grandfather smoking, taking into account the special environment at that time, he could not when so many students shouted at his son. I hope you can understand this, the father of man is like this, in the public environment, how to get along with his son, his actions and his real idea is in fact different, even contradictory. (here) there is an open secret: the father always protects his son, but this does not mean that his son’s actions must be appropriate.

I want to clearly tell you, love is love, love is love, no matter how valuable, they are not sufficient to constitute a logical basis of life.

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