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In the spring breeze not only 2016 wholesale and the sun hee nba jerseys in spring, lazily sprinkled on the earth, the flowers open thick quilts, head out: peach blossom, blossom, peony open, even the poet said “spring awakens apricot branches”. Spring is really a beautiful season, look, spring flowers, how good!

However, not only in spring bloom!

That summer, such as a piece of lotus leaf swing mirror on the river, the blossoming blooming white or pink flowers, not for the hot summer brings a refreshing cool? Hot summer, there are flowers, summer lotus, is the soul of summer, summer beating heart.

In autumn, the white, yellow and red chrysanthemum in the leaves all over the floor, in the bleak autumn, was so bright and splendid nfl jerseys for women. By autumn, chrysanthemum open less bleak and more vigor. The bleak autumn, there are flowers, autumn chrysanthemum, autumn is a source of energy.

In winter, the plum corner, gathered in the snow behind, with a smile and talk to the chilly wind play, faint fragrance, even the sun smell are liekai the mouth. Cold pale winter, there are flowers. The winter plum, winter winter is the spirit of courage.

The journey of life, having a warm spring, a brutal summer, a desolate autumn, and make people feel hopeless cold winter. However, please believe, not only in the spring can see beautiful flowers, even in the coldest season of life, there will be flowers.

The famous historian Sima Qian, when he was in prison, his life has entered a world of ice and snow season, physical damage, heart and insult, this season makes unbearable. However this is so cold season,nfl jerseys cheap china but out on the flower of the “historical records”.

The father of the great authentic nike nfl jersey thinker and educator in Confucius, he had to wander from politics, not proud, that made him into a desolate Xiaosha autumn, at the same time, this season, is also out of a wonderful wisdom – “the Analects of confucius.

So, not only flowers in spring, summer, autumn and winter in the open flowers as beautiful, exciting; brilliant life, not necessarily in the plight of the Everything is going smoothly., brilliant, brilliant and strong.

Through the spring, we nfl jerseys wholesale must learn to grasp the warm breeze, the spring rain is as precious as oil, let the life out of the beautiful flowers in the most favorable environment; if we meet is irritable, cold lonely sultry summer autumn, or despair pale winter, so don’t give up, please believe, as long as to always have a flower open, even a flower, still can explain the meaning and essence of Shixia autumn and winter drive. The life of the four seasons, summer flowers more heat, autumn flowers more character, winter flowers is perseverance.

Flowers, not only in the spring!

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