in this land jerseys fast shipping choose mediocrity

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In life and work Is it mediocre jerseys from china, most of the time fast shipping choose mediocrity, we hope that they can like in the village rise head and shoulders above others, even, also want to let others respect, let people feel very cattle. But we are very sorry to find, no matter how strong our subjective desire, the final outcome we are still very mediocre, did not become the kind of person they imagine, what is the reason? On my personal life experience, coupled with reading to get a variety of information, personally think that this is not only caused by external causes and congenital defects, but our own subconscious chose mediocre. This is very contradictory, on the surface, we do not want mediocrity, but why subconsciously choose mediocre it?

Chinese realist plots result in conservative choice

We live in this land, from birth to death, all the time on the land of all kinds of Ming culture and latent culture influence. Its Chinese pragmatism and realism is one of the most profound accumulation of culture. Our parents and teachers are delivering this spirit all the time, but it is realism and pragmatism that make us more mediocre. Let us immediately see the effect of pragmatism, rather than a long-term future with no reality whatever. In most cases, the current nfl jersey china optimal choice is often not the optimal choice of history. The overall reason is that our eyes are often not long-term, only to see now, is far from the overall best judgment. Westerners generally love adventure, there is no result in do not know the circumstances, willing to pay the greatest efforts to struggle, even if not everyone can be successful, but after all, out of the range of local minima. Too much emphasis on real interests also limits the breadth and depth of our thinking, so that we always think about the problems around us, rather than thinking about broader issues.

Our emphasis on the results is far greater than the process

Tell the history of Losers are always in the wrong. give us too much, that is certainly better than the ending. No one actually knows how to get a good ending. The result is bad, that person is bad. When we evaluate a person is often a hundred good, a bad hundred bad, this non black white two yuan thought obliterated the complex and jerseys from china rich nature of human nature. When a person in the scene when we follow, many people support and praise, and not to look at the process of his success and real experience, not to praise the spirit worthy of analysis, we are looking to the surface of things, so we tend to lose their growth. We can see cheap nfl jersey china the history of literature and history books, there is little objective, most one-sided. This cultural atmosphere is not suitable for a variety of meaningful exploration, because we can not really respect the so-called losers.

Laziness of thought and behavior makes us mediocre

We grow up in the process of thinking is lazy, unwilling to think about the current problems, always want someone to give their ready-made answers. Who says the Chinese industrious, diligent only displays in the manual labor, but many times we do not want to use brains. We have too much time to waste in small things, put too much attention on the tongue in waste. The French Bon in his book “a motley crew” are analyzed in detail. A similar phenomenon. Why a good man can finally be led by a leader to a dangerous point. This group of psychological expansion, resulting in each individual lost their independent self, and even to participate in the proud. In day after day, year after year life, gradually fall into them, unable to extricate themselves. The pressure of survival to psychosomatic exhaustion, not the old spirit, and strive to more inaction action, all the rhetoric to the outside environment. () this is the impetuous society, in which non handedly changed; but you can change yourself, let nfl jerseys authentic yourself calm down to do one thing, do deep penetration, do people incapable of further increase the degree of.

Let us mediocre greed

Dickens in Shuangcheng wrote such a paragraph: This is the best of times, but also the worst of times. Our greed makes us in every time when faced with a choice, always consider the maximization of interest, and not to choose to do things. The heart of greed disturbed the peace of mind, and confused eyes, lost the direction. Always in vain waste a lot of time and resources.

We have the potential to become outstanding, it is not to become a useful person for the condition, we eventually become a mediocre person, is not essential in the community, it is the choice of our subconscious, we are too realistic, too much emphasis on the results, we are too lazy, too greedy, so for mediocrity the end, we also seem to be “happy face”.

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