Everybody’s wholesale cheap nhl jersey supply in his own way

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I have a very legendary Everybody’s wholesale roommate, he basically cheap nhl jersey supply in his own way

does not skip class, but also a week to get three jobs. The legendary place is a job which will occupy most of his time, he was from four in the afternoon to go to work, can work until 4 a.m. second days back, sometimes even can work 15 hours. In other spare time, he will go to the restaurant, I suspect the people around me are not the earth, because it seems to me that the earth people need some sleep and rest, but he doesn’t seem to be. For his life and rest, we have a bunch of friends basically maintained an attitude: too hard, it is simply overdraft youth.

Later, we found that this discourage you to persuade a person who stays up for many years do not stay up late as powerless.

A goddess in the side, not before I graduated from a pair of woman trend, PubMed, community activities, Party chair, where has her figure. She said she didn’t want to settle down so fast, and she suddenly got married. When we meet a few people, then once said that she was so spell, now give up those who will not feel pity. She said something very difficult words: in cheap nhl jerseys fact, this is my life, through a very very bitter struggle of youth, and then suddenly find what you really want.

Everybody’s living hard, in his own way

Friends two days ago at about 4 in the morning to me WeChat, where he is at about 7 in the morning. He told me that his recent bitter forced, design encounter God party, saying he has not slept well for several days. I suddenly want to say, if he wants something less, will not be so tired. However, I refrained, because for him, suffering is his way of existence, that is his label.


I suddenly thought, we so jerseys fast shipping -called existence way exactly is what kind of thing.

At a certain moment – for most of us, perhaps this is the moment, and we will find that all of us in our lives have their own paths. Some suddenly married someone read a PhD; some went into the bank, micro-blog began his professional life Tucao; some are still in travel; accounting finally start the business, management finally entered the bank, and who doesn’t want to get married, first married.

They are my good friends, but we all have different ways of life. For example, I never can make money so desperately, I do not want to get married early. Perhaps the only thing I can do is like my friends, change the program overnight. Once upon a time, we all together class together, together in the same place life, but in the end we all went to their own life trajectory.

And after I enter my own interval years, I get up at nine every morning, sleep more than three every night, with irregular sleep time. Every afternoon to read a book, see do not want to see so far, sometimes forget to eat, sometimes look at an hour can not see nhl jerseys free shipping. Home to word daze two hours, write out the best, can not write is normal. No travel around, no beautiful scenery, which I was longing for the interval is completely different, but one or two months later, I began to feel, perhaps this is the interval I want.

I used to have a friend who had a better job than me and had a better life. I’ve been lost in what other people have in life, and now I feel I don’t have to envy them. Because they have what they want, I have what I want. There is always someone better than my salary is high, there is always someone better than me to many places, there is always someone than I ever have these bright, and I never mind. It’s not easy to know what you want nike nhl jerseys top quality . There’s no need to change yourself for the so-called labels.

In my friends and chat about where the future will go, I suddenly came to a conclusion, perhaps for now we, regardless of where to go, will be a bit empty, where life is the same.

The key is how to live.


I said: “micro-blog people meet for ten days, the flash marriage too good; people together for ten years, still separated; one year to achieve a dream, brilliance; someone that everywhere unhappy, miserable. These are never mind, if you want to dream, bet on your time, then go to gambling; if the person in front of you, are willing to plug their feelings, then go to gamble; as long as you can in order to dream, Yuandufushu, as long as you can for him, yuandufushu.”

I did not understand the goddess of the words, and now I may understand: when you look back, you will find everything to follow.

Why bitter? Why on this road? Look in the mirror and ask yourself, you will find that your situation is, to some extent, self chosen. Since it is their choice, do not complain, sometimes a road began can not turn back, do not go back, not for the other, just because you have the courage to make a choice at the beginning,

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