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The book says that reading To be independent supply is a process 2016 cheap new nhl jerseys from china lost of reconstruction of three first destroyed three concept.

I began serious, intermittent reading three years ago, mostly at the entry-level level, focusing on philosophy, politics and society. I do not know there is no wisdom or reading choice, I have not clearly explain the concept of three and describe their views.

A chat with friends until yesterday, I realize that the first time and have their own outlook on life hit encounter.

Friends of the man some blind, affection, but the other side temporarily not warm, all tangled around worry.

I advised her to pay more attention to their cheap price for nhl jerseys full life to divert attention, after all the things you most sensible.

But she said no hobbies, not interested in anything, just to find a man stabilized. Around a lot of girls willing to embrace such think: for some target their life always set for second individual existence; that many channels of their life must because the other half can really open, lack of independence and integrity of the individual. I do not despise such ideas, but this state of life and mood immediately scared me: I do not want to live!

Forget when to start, when asked what kind of people want to become, the brain jumped out of the first word is always “independent”. Regardless of the economic or spiritual independence of independence, do not rely on any one person to live. Insist on digging deep search preferences, enthusiasm for life, even when alone, also can as a pleasurable occupation.

Once saw a word, Epicurus said wholesale cheap nhl jersey: “I put all my money to the goddess, the official position, power – are used in a place with me, they keep a wide distance, so she can take them away from me without forcibly stripping away”.

Read very shocked, learn to act as my theme of life. I also want to put all my friends, lovers and lovers with money, social circle, love, a sense of security and so on are used in a place. I respect and appreciate these, but I do not want to rely entirely on this.

But my life is still cling to charming body, still out picking men, so the pursuit of vanity of things, so as to compare with all women secretly. Their economic situation can not afford to buy brand-name bags, but the partner may afford; occasionally feel lonely in the dark, partner a hug can be calm; envy looking at the crowd, perhaps you can introduce you, as living in the common worldly, I uphold the independent beliefs and yet in the pursuit of these flaunty. But still hold on a little, keep all top quality for cheap jerseys these distance.

Michelin can afford dinner when eyes lose, enjoy, still feel a small roadside restaurant taste good; can leave a beautiful time, dressed in designer clothes when they lose, white shirt and khaki pants are still simple chic; when you have a lover with romance, lost, only people continue to do things with love; net love build marriage lost when there is self spiritual world to shelter from the rain.

God will give everything to me, I will be regarded as the icing on the cake. The time of life is more beautiful and elegant natural flowers and then restore my life. All of these self consciousness just because I think: if they lose, the fate of There’s no telling, I have cause and independent personality and self and powerful spiritual world do support, my world is in a constant state of anxiety for the giant earthquakes and landslides.

I don’t want to let myself live more and more empty lost; do not feel their own ideas and preferences; life only others; all ideas can only rely on the fragmentation of the social networking sites or chat obtained; only for other individual existence, like a twig attached in the trees on the dry, hard to draw others the nutrients to sustain life, this attitude is ugly. He who has no independent self does not know how to love, nor does he love.

On the way of exploring the outlook on life, in the pursuit of independence, these ideas may be biased. But as long as I can insist on independent thinking, do a strong support for self independence, I believe I will not be lost in my life.

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