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He has no actor Jimmy Wang As long 2016 nba jerseys ‘s fame, the wholesale cheap slow can succee popularity of Tony Leung, nor Nick Cheung’s hard, but not Tony Leung handsome, in the brilliant Golden Horse Awards ceremony, he was just that should not be overlooked, but in the end he upset the audience, won the best actor at the fiftieth Taiwan Golden Horse Award, he is Taiwan’s famous director Tsai Ming-Liang and actor Li Kangsheng.

Li Kangsheng was born in an ordinary family in Taiwan, to follow the prescribed order from primary school to junior high school, from junior to senior. But out of high school, grades he could not open the gate of the University. Because the family is not rich, Li Kangsheng had to work to earn their own tutorial fees, took to the streets to sell insurance, but also to the video game shop to do service.

One day, the wind is electric toy store outside him, accidentally broke into the vision of Tsai Ming-Liang. All of a sudden, Tsai Ming-Liang strongly felt the boy although in a lively video game city, but exudes a lonely taste. So Tsai Ming-Liang stepped forward and asked him to audition for the theater. Then, he has third part-time, is to do the Tsai Ming-Liang film “child” actor.

First audition, there is no pressure jerseys china factory of Li Kangsheng, facing the camera and set the crowd, not fearful, ease of interpretation of the script, once passed the audition. His understanding of the characters and the sharp expression of the script made the director think he was a trained actor.

He is in front of the camera 2016 cheap new nhl jerseys, a rebellious child, used against the unfair fate be scanty of words, like a lonely child no understanding, and also with some age of melancholy. Li Kangsheng to become an independent school temperament deeply attracted Tsai Ming-Liang, so he decided to take a gamble, “wrote the script for the front of the teenage neotenous young people”.

Cooperation is not as pleasant as Tsai Ming-Liang imagined. Li Kangsheng is always in front of the camera was slow to sit behind the camera Tsai Ming-Liang also worried. No matter how to push Li Kangsheng up, push behind. A lens is not a toss about half a day. The whole crew had to stop, eat takeout, fill the stomach, continue to accompany Li Kangsheng toss together.

Dinner, Tsai Ming-Liang could not help cheap nba jerseys online but laugh at Li Kangsheng: 20 years, I have never seen anyone who can slow than me, but today you let me open wide horizons.”

Li Kangsheng is not angry, he said: “every day is neither fast nor slow delivery of Kentucky, you know Colonel Harlan Sanders how old is founder of KFC?”

Tsai Ming-Liang said: “more than and 70 years old.”

“It’s not the end, slow, slow can also succeed.”

Tsai Ming-Liang rendered speechless. Come on, let’s go ahead.

Thus, from the third script long live love, Tsai Ming-Liang deliberately with long lens with slow temperament of the Li Kangsheng. Li Kangsheng non majors in college, it can be the most incisive interpretation of actor monologue. The film has received industry recognition, he was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for best actor. However, the final result is Tsai Ming-Liang won the best director award, while Li Kangsheng nothing, empty handed.

Li Kangsheng struggled out of the scene when he met a little boy who said, “you’re my hero, Li Kangsheng.”.”

Pack up the mood of Li Kangsheng, and began a script to play a play down. In a series of Tsai Ming-Liang’s plays, Li Kangsheng played a “well-off” young people, extraordinary effect. From then on, he became Tsai Ming-Liang in the movie “core”, or even a queen.

Li Kangsheng with “outing” won the Golden jerseys nba different size Horse Award for Best Actor Award, when the podium winners, his right hand to hold the Golden Horse Awards do fixed shape, for a long time before slowly say: “this is not the TV is broken, this is the style of film director cai.”

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