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Life is the most Some things supply cherished youth time.Some things 2016 wholesale nba jerseys for a lifetime, young do not, may regret for a lifetime. Especially when we are still on campus, we must do these things: First, to build their own knowledge structure; second, university should make as many friends as possible, because your lifelong friend and collaborator generally come from your university; third, if possible, talk about a more focused love in College; fourth, preparing for the future work. Future work with how many friends you have, with your expertise is relevant. In addition, the need to master a professional, as long as the skilled level, and then bad professional must be appreciated.

I have a friend is to learn Vietnamese, Vietnamese indeed rarely used, but the central leadership to go to Vietnam to be with him, because he is a first-class Vietnamese simultaneous translation experts. I have a classmate of Jiang Jieshi University, has studied for 10 years, and. Later, the United States held a seminar on the history of modern China figures, he talked about his studies after the report, the results of an old professor tears below. After asking the old professor, lonely and helpless in the United States for 30 years, Jiang Jieshi, couldn’t find a successor, did not expect to have a Chinese “idiot” in the study of Jiang Jieshi. So $50 thousand scholarship a year, let my classmates cheap nba jerseys follow him in the United States to read doctoral students. After reading the old man retired, he became a professor of that school. When I went to see him, he had bought a small house in New York, Long Island, bought a car, married a wife and a dog. When he told me, Yu Minhong, you see, all this is Jiang Jieshi “give” me.

In fact, what you study is not important, it is important that you really like, and then someone will use you. Conversely, if you think you do not like this profession, but it is suitable for a job, it is not to learn? Of course, to learn. I am such a state, I never liked English, English 2016 nba jerseys test just because math can not. I don’t like English because my imitation ability is not strong. But then I found that English became my life tool, because of English, I became a teacher in Peking university. Professional sometimes is a tool that can help you move forward. In mountaineering, you will care about the mountaineering rod do you like it? No, you just care if you can get to the top. English is my cane, although I do not particularly like, but I know that I want to climb the higher mountain of life need this climber. I want to put myself into nba jerseys free shipping China in English experts before 100, later found a little drama at all, because China students more and more abroad, some in abroad for 10 years, 20 years, came back to see how the English level is higher than me. I can only narrow the scope, began to desperately back words, the results became a fairly good English vocabulary experts in china.

In addition to the major, we have to study in the university. New Oriental spread a word called heritage thickness determines the height of career”. The thickness of foundation mainly from two aspects: first to read more books, read a lot of books you will naturally complete knowledge structure, it will have wisdom; second is the rich life experience, wisdom and life experience to study the wisdom of combining will become a truly great wisdom, will become the source and tools you create career inexhaustible the future.

I read 800 books in the university. Some people will ask me, read the forgotten and did not read what is the difference? It’s totally different. Like love, a fallen in love and then became a Chinese man and a never talked about love is more confident than a bachelor. When he saw others in love, he will be confident in the side said: Hey, I would like to have been talking about the original love.” So if you really do not love reading, also must go to look at the world famous to the bookstore, to touch, so it can add a little human temperament.

The second thing in college is to make friends as much as possible.

To make good friends first you have to be a good person, to be a reassuring person. If you are a kind person, someone will help you in times of trouble. In addition, make friends as much as possible to find someone better than you, they can help you in your growth path. Now in the New Oriental to work with many outstanding figures are my example in the nike nba jerseys top quality past 20 years to learn.

The third thing in college is to have a heart to heart talk. But there is a very important prerequisite for love, is to wholeheartedly love. The so-called single-minded love, not that the university can only talk about a love, but that one can only talk about a. To love to what extent? Have a feeling like this: “Why are my eyes full of tears? Because I love you deeply.” When you truly love someone, tell her you love her in the right way, not just in your heart. I suffer in the university only put love in my heart, afraid to say it was rejected by others. But in fact the heart is best to express, even if the girl refused, also can let her know you are in love with her. At the same time you pursue her,

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