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To the peak season A cowboy’s sales of graduate thesis defense for cheap football jerseys itself. Every time I received the habit, first look at the back, is the author of postscript. If written sincere, wonderful, it is more beautiful than the text itself, because you from behind the words, see is a living “person”, he at this time in history.

The author is a cowboy, from a small village in Anhui Qianshan, finally admitted to Beijing university. A bit warm all the evil of human nature through them at the bottom of the society and misery, and he has had many similar fate students had a strong resonance. The winner of the 2011 national excellent doctoral dissertation, but even more shocking than the paper itself, this article is postscript in the PhD circle widespread, I would like to recommend more readers to share. — Xu Jilin

“A cowboy’s doctoral thesis postscript”
A biography

Long to be good, to be in the postscript while you write a pen, to commemorate. But, really want to write a postscript, but he forgot the words, I did not know where to start.

In my 22 year of school (1987 – 2009), full of ups and downs and wind and rain. When I was 7 years old, my mother wanted me to be in grade one. I had to go to kindergarten because I couldn’t afford it. 12 years old, my family barely let me go to grade five. Almost because they can not afford to pay for the exam, and lost to participate in small or early exam. The teacher in charge came to my house to work, but I had no money. As a result, the teacher paid for me. I got the second. However, this achievement did not bring me joy. On the football jerseys supply center contrary, it is endless pain. Because I don’t know where my family gets tuition. Neighbor’s children are not admitted, on the contrary because of money, you can buy junior high school. When they go to school, go to the jubilant laughter in town, I can only help do farm work at home. The village has a good hearted people, but also the same name of the family, want to help me go to school. I’m glad。 But soon the hope was lost. Because of his family’s objection, he also had to give up the idea of funding me.

That autumn, their school in the new school, too exciting, let me full of imagination and yearning for school life; I only cattle at home. The cow is a very spiritual animal, I and it gradually become good friends; slowly, I can put it on the hill, and not to tube it. Because, so I read. The autumn, I finished reciting a whole book of song ci. Until now, I can remember the song is then recited. When evening comes, I will go home and cattle. And my family owns the cow uncle, always criticize me without mercy cattle is not serious, the cattle did not eat. I felt wronged, do not argue, just think, I’m not suitable for cattle.

You may want to know why I would be so poor? People can not choose their birth. 1980 I was born in Anhui, Qianshan, a small village. For Qianshan, tell me what no impression, but this place out, Zhang Henshui and Yu Yingshi all chang. Ancient Nanyue (now called Mount Tianzhu) in the northwest County, according to legend Joe Wintec, living in this place. The ancient Nanyue below latent river was the ancient seat of Anhui ancient Nanyue; also known as Wan shan. Anhui is also referred to as Anhui, from then on. Most of our village name Xiao, according to legend is moved from Henan. My home to my grandpa (had long) time, began to decline. My grandfather had three children, my father is old. Uncle Wholesale football jerseys authentic foot disability. Grandma died shortly before I was born. Uncle is a blind man, died a long time ago. Father read the new school, but timid, no idea, and will not live. The mother is strong. My grandfather died when I was 8 years old, without a savings at home, thanks to a doctor by 20 dollars, finally the funeral. After grandpa’s death, the family is deteriorating. Mother reluctantly began to do business around, the beginning is to collect scrap, then do vegetable business.

Although the 80 years of reform and opening up, but our village was shrouded in a mysterious, backward and feudal atmosphere. When my mother first dress to go home, the village is boiling. Then, she met a business friend, and bring him back home, the village is a mess. I remember that night, my uncle and my mother’s friend slept together. Suddenly, a neighbor called jichong door. My father opened up a bunch of people who, like devils bandits as rob in the door. A group of women hold my mother. Another group of men rushed into my sleeping room. They will be the mother of the friends to catch up, pushing to the football jerseys different color old hall. They make friends mother kneeling in the “world before Jun worship. The second day, they sent him to the village hall. There are village cadres in interrogation, cadres in the record. The village people have gathered outside to watch. The scene is still visible before the eyes. I remember their faces, I remember their words, they were so excited, so warm. In a small village, this may be a big event, we have not seen for a long time.

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