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I found that the Success belongs women jerseys traditional sense of successful from china person people have a trait that is restless. Many of our father’s success, are originally abandoned iron rice bowl. This is definitely not what to give up the spirit, but because they are restless, not satisfied with the present situation of safe. Although they also are among the victims, but their lives are hard, very valuable.

There are three kinds of people in the world:

First, they can not adapt to social cheap women jerseys online standards, mercilessly hit by society to the lowest level of society, their spiritual life is almost zero, only to maintain the basic material conditions to maintain life and survival;

Second kinds of people, they can adapt to the social norms, but they must comply with social norms, no dignity, social norms in front of their drift, in adapting to social norms, can be a good;

Third kinds of people, they can not only adapt to the social norms and ease, to understand social norms in fully understanding and, according to their own ideas to change a part of social norms, so as to realize their value, they are not material wealth and spiritual wealth of the so-called “upset, because they all create material and spiritual wealth!

Chinese children, in my opinion, mostly do less than third kinds.

First of all, from small to large, they have adapted to it, has been adapted to adapt, and not to change. They adapt to the crowd not to make a big mistake. And do not know how to do independent judgments, independent choice. For example, PubMed, why PubMed, because such a steady! What is this steady? Is not stable, so it will not be a big jerseys different women size problem. Everybody is like this, I do not like this, is worse than everybody, is unstable. However, we also see this, we all do, so that we see you, see who is idiotic idiotic, not worse than anyone else.

Have a very bad cultural psychology Chinese, is seeking psychological, like most people, should be safe.

Secondly, most of them have lost their creativity, change to creativity, not creative people are not confident they can have the creativity, so the stability, but not before. This is the idea of the weak. Strong, contempt fault, wrong? Opportunity cost, sleep is also opportunity cost best nhl jerseys. At this point I appreciate Han Han, if he had really accepted a college admission, or continue to study, then now he, at least one scholar. However, the drop out of the “big mistake” he made, the universal condemnation he took, so now he can keep this color. In the blog debate Han Han and Baiye, I see an upright, a corrugated horn, independent thinking, mature spirit strong, weak and false opponent failure. And 24 years old, he was already independent of the age of 17. If he had felt as safe as everyone, he would be dangerous now.

Again, Chinese children lack the ability to distinguish rules. As long as the rules, conditioned reflex is compliance. Successful people and unsuccessful people, the difference is that successful people know to distinguish true rules and false rules. As a simple example, for the university to skip class, most people did not dare. Because of what? To put in here, ah, the rules did not go to the meeting to be penalized, even fail the exam. In fact, this is women jerseys direct supply a false rule, named, in fact, the university system to deal with those who do not seriously learn to dawdle those students a means. In other words, students with learning purposes are not the target population of college or university. The real rule in university is to make full use of university resources to realize its value promotion. Distinguish the true and false rules, naturally know how to choose their own behavior.

When university practice, have seen some life enslaved people, without passion, back open his cold joke, a cold humor, glasses, awkward smile. When the company boss said about his driver, “he followed me for 6 years, a salary of about 6 years ago, and now it’s still about $1700. I gave him the opportunity to promote, but he did not work hard, so he can only be the value, he is always 1700.”

This 1700 belong to the “second kinds of people, or hovering between the second kinds of people and between the third. They can adapt to the social norms, but they must comply with social norms, no dignity, social norms in front of their drift, in adapting to social norms, can be a good novel, such as the “necklace” in Mathilde are invited to the party secretary”.

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