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For her, the childhood that cheap mother nike nfl jerseys online cannot bear to think of the past. It is like a boat full of pain and pain. The pain and suffering, the pressure on her body, as the piercing wound; into the heart, left alone and lonely. She is a flower, not yet blooming, outside the flower wing was mercilessly peeling.

Her parents married less than a year, her mother had her. At first, her mother for the first time motherhood and joy, however, think again, the mother decided to drain her, thought it was too young, not to have children, to take advantage of the current opportunity for career development, and other nfl jerseys undertakings have developed rapidly, then have children also come and.

Then, with the husband’s family to discuss it later, the two couples entered the gate of the hospital. But in the surgery, her grandmother in to pull the doctor, begged the doctor not to do surgery, let granddaughter peace come.

Grandmother’s persistence touched the doctor. When her mother heard that grandma wanted to give birth to her children, she shed tears. Grandmother said: “anyway, she is always your own flesh and blood, how can easily say flow on the flow? If you don’t want it, give birth to me.” Her mother rendered cheap nike jerseys speechless.

She seemed to be able to sense human feelings when she was born. When the doctor put her crying to her mother, she immediately stopped crying, with their big eyes looking at her mother, and her mother is disgusted to see her one eye, coldly said: “the nurse, trouble you put her to go outside!” Her small eyes a stagnant, small body was removed.

Since then, she has been living with her grandmother, never seen parents. When her full moon came, her mother came and nfl jerseys news took her home. She smiled so happily that she could finally have a happy life with her parents. However, happy angels always like to joke with her. In the evening, the mother did not help her shower, her whole body fever uncomfortable. But she didn’t cry because she didn’t want to be abandoned.

When feeding, her mother fed her hard, even stuck throat ignore. Sometimes the pain of her tears, but she did not say a word. Sometimes hungry at night, the mother did not get up, leaving her in the small room “ah ah” call……

Over two years old, she was her mother sent to foster home uncle. When walking, she looked around the door, expecting her mother to appear. Sometimes want to mother, and then in the arms of crying uncle, I want my mother”. You haven’t had to coax it, took her to the station. She always with excited heart to go buy jerseys, but again and again lost and back. Occasionally heard someone singing in the world only mother good, she will quietly shed tears.

At school, my mother always beat nike nfl jerseys her in her do not encounter problems, there are problems every time, she is silently thinking their brains, she did not dare to ask her mother, as long as she spoke, ushered in is a slap and a bitter curse.

She listened to tears, because as long as tears, the mother will play more fierce, so she can only hold back the tears. That is to go to school, her body began to have the wound, a long time, those wounds like flowers, brilliant purples and reds full body. The skin wound will be like in Shangrao medical beauty beauty and good nfl jerseys china scar as diluted by time, inner wounds are increasingly deep……

Sometimes, the children play no inhibition good, once too late, mother will take her a while to catch up the whip, then let her kneel at the door, do not give her to eat. Several times she was so hungry that she wanted to cry, but she just wept silently.

She went to the primary school, the mother’s attitude has changed slightly, with a rare smile, but soon is cold.

She went to junior high school, and gradually hated the home, she hated her mother, hate her incompetence, hate her to live in cold.

She once said that other people’s childhood is so beautiful, and my childhood is so painful, can only see mother’s jerseys online china heartless and indifferent.

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