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Recently, most of the nfl jerseys country ushered in the twenty-six solar cheap online term in the haze. At this moment, you still struggle in the press die takh takh first-line! After all, remember last night caught the group under the “Red Alert” to “dance and haze” uncle aunt, Da Da Jun what reason it back beijing!

Big haze hit the city, whether it is the press of Da Da Jun, aunt dancing, or on their way to school all the flowers of the motherland, people have put on the same faces: a mask and two dull glasses, the only difference may lie in color, shape, and brand performance masks. Previously, we were 70, 80, 90 after such label segmentation… Now we are under the haze mask generation”.

The North let haze masks become necessities in our life, in the hearts of the people cheap nfl jerseys built a road between pollutants and defense, and the magic of the little things in different forms in different periods with human for a long time.

Some people have traced the history of masks, but different. In first Century, the ancient Rome writer and philosopher Pliny (Pliny the Elder) in the “natural history” (Natural History) have been described in the film when the bull workers bladder masks to prevent inhalation of dust lead. However, some people think that the earliest historical records of the “Mask” appeared in the early sixth Century BC, then embraced the worship of Zoroastrianism Persians believed that the laity breath is unclean, so in religious ceremonies, to his face with a cloth.

In sixteenth Century, in the plague ravaged Europe, such a kind of mask appeared, it looks more cheap like some jerseys kind of mysterious mask:

This is from a man named Charles de Lorme, the French doctor invented, cheap jerseys wholesale and position into cotton, herbs, lavender, mint, with roses and other fillings, for the treatment of plague patients, this is their anti magic mask, can get rid of evil smell.

In addition with the mask, then the doctor will head to toe with anti tarp made of hand used to coat with long nfl jerseys beijing stick contact with patients, hair also with hat… Do not know there is no virus guard… This dress is frightened many children…

Da Vinci was found in the work of some artist friends coughing in carving or grinding stone, so he thought the soiled water cloth wrapped around the nose and mouth will reduce the dust harm.

In addition, Da Vinci had envisioned a scuba mask for divers, divers can adjust the direction of air flow through the valve in the mask, through two water pipes connected with the water exchange. However, because Da Vinci did not take into account the pressure problem, so he envisaged that the divers will be caused by lack of oxygen and the dog…

In 1848, the United States became the first air purification function patent: Lung Protector (mask lung protector), the Lewis P. Haslett invented the mask can be made by one-way valve and wet wool filter will filter out the dust in the air.

After Haslett, the air cleaning mask related patents have adopted cotton fibers emerge in an endless stream, as a filtering medium, and improved the goggles part. But on the whole, these masks look clumsy. Until 1879, Huston Hurd invented a cup shape mask, this compact mask has been applied broadly in the industry, until 1970s, there are still people in the use of Hurd mask nfl jerseys production.

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