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The world is not good quality wholesale fair, you have to nfl jerseys is the only learn to get used to it. The world is a hoe down, dig diamond. Some people hard mountain mining, the last sound Bang collapse pit become his last grave. That day on the Internet.

The world is not fair, you have to learn to get used to it.

The world is a hoe down, dig diamond. Some people hard mountain mining, the last sound Bang collapse pit become his last grave.

When I was surfing the Internet that day, I saw a post in which I was discussing my work and my life. A lot of people inside, about more than and 100 thread, looks very lively.

Their discussion is divided into two parts.

The first part is: I used to love his work, he wrote the “summer solstice”, he wrote “the edge of love and pain”, which is four how pure, simple dream of the campus, his simple life of the students, he and his friends have a piece of money at cheap nfl jerseys the school gate watermelon ice. You look at his now, full of material, he is no longer the former he!

There are many books in my family, Europe and America, mainland China, Taiwan, China, japanese. All kinds of books. Whether I see it or not, I will take it right to look over, look at other people’s design, the idea of others, and others book publishing ideas. The Chinese novel, a look is an afternoon.

But I seldom read my book.

I found that I would never go back to my years before. The swimming pool water disinfection exudes smell of summer, the three days of purgatory, the camphor tree flourish like rich ocean season. In that age I shouted I don’t grow up I hope to be a child forever I envy Peter pan I must go forever no country.

But then nfl jerseys free shipping, I gradually gave up.

Because after entering the society, I because of such simple oneself, and was laughed at by countless people. People do not love tears, people do not pity small. When you put on the Internet about their pain, your words in a wink, was posted to the countless people from nfl jerseys Mask cheap all sides, these hypocritical and aggrieved words as weapons to attack you.

Like his own hand polished dagger, and then put his hands, let others pierce your heart.

I also want to never lie in the school on the grass in the sun, I always want to drink a piece of money watermelon ice without any loss, I also want to always wear simple clothes, listening to the simple CD, living a simple life seventeen years. But this is impossible, because my life, will never have another seventeen years old.

I also tried to take a taxi to take part in some activities in Shanghai, the other reception of my people, that is full of ridicule and contempt in the eyes, I looked down from the cab of the way, they kindly held your hand, warm smile on you. Then to the background when they share their joy with others: “you and I said Oh, he was poor, can not afford to buy the car?”

I have experienced the first time to participate in the fashion magazine shoot, carrying a bag of clothes they love to go to the studio, and then magazine stylist rolled her eyes, in my bag turned over, can not find a look at the clothes on her time. Photographer beside impatiently urged, stylist more impatiently said: “urge what reminders! Do you think he can shoot like that?!”

A society like a knife, when it cut over, if you do not have hard armor, you will be cut in half.

The second part of the discussion is that his money is not the money we bought him! He pulls a fart! If we nike nfl jerseys top quality don’t buy his book, starve him! Can he wear a name brand? It was a disappointment to him!

When I was a child, working in the Bank of the mother, because most customers to one hundred yuan, and fined, and additional deduction of wages of $one hundred. In my mother’s monthly wage of only one hundred and twenty of the era, my mother shed tears for two nights.

When I was about seven years old, dad bought the first brand of shirt in his life. Spend not a small sum of money, but dad laughed, he stood in front of the mirror, turn to open to looking at himself in the mirror.

These are related to money, money brings happiness, and sad.

However, when we spend watching a movie and enjoy the happy 1.5 hours, when we spend money buying a CD enjoy a full of music in the afternoon, when we spend money to eat a delicious dinner in a restaurant, when we bought a beautiful dress to be in a good mood nfl jerseys online when we shop. Is not going to the cinema, shop, restaurant, shop the people said: “you what money? If we hadn’t given you money, you’d have starved to death!”

This is I see second parts of the mood, as if they are reading my novel, did not enjoy the enjoyable reading process, it seems that my story has never brought them touched and thinking. It seems that I did not write hard, just in vain to accept their charity, they gave me the money.

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