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You may not be cheap wholesale nfl jerseys good at expressing emotions from china their own appearance and emotions; you may not be able to fully accept your body and looks; you may still be upset about choosing a spouse; you may not like your current job…… Most of the time, the pain is not to lose what, nor to get what, but do not know what! Do not know their appearance, lost in their own way of development, it is difficult to choose! But people still can not escape the confession time, you must strive to become their own!

Own appearance? When we look in the mirror and touch the cheek with our hands and dial our hair, is the person in the mirror like you? I said yes but not! Here refers to their appearance is not only the image we see, but also our own state of development. People should try to be myself, is to choose an appropriate and in line with their own development nfl jerseys top quality in self development, let his life meaningful behavior and values to guide the development of their own life.

Value cognition determines the direction of struggle

Since the 80s and 90s of last century, the values of the whole society have gradually changed. With the door open, advanced avant-garde and depression values into people’s life. Whether fresh or seek truth. From that era, people formed all kinds of values, and the society and even the world presented in a pluralistic values. One of the most typical example is from then on, we use 80, 90 and so to distinguish between the crowd. People say 80 is a group of people with personality; 90 is a group of non mainstream people; the 00 is a group of people playfully. All the features describe the values and perceptions of these people, and what kind of lifestyle and attitude they have towards life!

However, personality or non mainstream or even the proud. If these can not bring their lives more meaningful, so that their own development, then such values do not have much significance. Because the value of now we are exposed to too much, we can not accurately distinguish, what values is suitable, to guide their own, we always want to do the things you love, but sometimes love is not necessarily to make your life better! Isn’t it?

Value perception determines a person’s struggle direction, we will face many choices in human life, and often guide people to make choices is the value of their own formation. Speaking of values, many people will sniff at, or even laugh at a contemptuous jerseys china nfl factory disregard. Because everyone seems values is the books on the a commonplace talk of an old scholar the truth, and a lot of people have called the “personality”, “I would say the values for me to say”! Do you know the “value” of the three words, and you do not know the values is far from as simple as you think, according to many years of international research nfl jerseys from china psychologists, will be the world’s value analysis, combined with our own development tasks, carried out a clean-up of values, summary the 20 is conducive to the common people to pursue life values. Therefore, the perception of values is essential to a person’s own development!

Ten basic development tasks of life

Psychologist Erickson in order to study the personality to study of human life, from birth to death, he found a normal personality development, people must complete their tasks in order to better corresponding in every stage of its life to develop themselves and adapt to the society as a whole, if a problem will be unable to complete the task. There are a lot of pain and trouble. American psychologist Beh West and Erickson although the research field is not the same, but ideas agree without prior without previous consultation. He in his “human development education,” a book, summed up to bring people happy, bring life significance of the ten human development tasks. These ten tasks are all based on personal behavior oriented, can help people better establish the appropriate values and behavior of life cheap nfl jerseys online standards. These ten tasks are:

1, to accept their body and appearance, objectively treat their own advantages and disadvantages, according to their physical conditions to maximize their potential;

2, able to choose their own ability and interest in the occupation, and strive for;

3, reasonable expression of emotions and emotions, no longer rely on family and other people’s support and protection;

4, the economic independence of confidence, even if the economy can not be self-sufficient, but also have a positive attitude, confident and willing to their own, do not count on others;

5, in knowledge, skills, concepts, etc., to balance the weight of various aspects;

6, in the behavior can play nfl jerseys news the appropriate sex, not only willing to accept their gender, and can appropriately show their age male or female behavior characteristics;

7, in life with the same sex and the opposite sex to establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship;

8, treat marriage and love, will seriously choose the object, do a good family life independent family preparation;

9, can be responsible for their own behavior, willing to participate in some social activities;

10, in the individual behavior oriented, can establish the appropriate life concept and moral standards.

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