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I recently watched a Because focus all style of 2016 documentary called cheap nike nfl jerseys so great sushi God. About Japan’s Ono Jiro, known as the God of sushi”. He is 87 years old and still works in his sushi shop, living two and a half days a day. Ono Jiro, a plain looking Japanese name. However, the “old man”, has twice won the Michelin Samsung evaluation, even at the age of 86 by Guinness world records identified as “the world’s most senior Michelin Samsung Chef”;

his “number sukiyabashi Jiro sushi restaurant in Tokyo Ginza subway station in the basement, with only 10 seats, even Restroom located outside the shop, at least a month in advance to eat sushi here, every guest a minimum consumption of thirty thousand nfl jerseys from china yen, the store did not even have the menu, do not provide dishes and drinks, only all style nfl jerseys the” Chef “, will be the day the price of materials dishes calculation. At first glance, most people can not help but think: this restaurant, how to operate down ah? Will the restaurant not consider the customer?

Perhaps Erlang is not considered! Do not operate in addition to sushi outside of things, and focus on this kind of cuisine, always with the “most delicious sushi” entertain customers, this is not the most customers consider the idea and practice? It is because Mr Onokazu has such a consciousness, Michelin will give the highest evaluation of Samsung, and praised the shop “has always been a perfectionist spirit”.

Sushi world is very simple: fish, Steamed Rice, vinegar, salt, soy sauce, these things constitute a sushi. But such a simple material, do the food has a fascinating rich taste, is a very magical thing. For decades, Mr. Onokazu has been ahead on this road, constantly telling myself “can also be more delicious, more delicious, must also be able to” constantly strive to climb the peak, although sushi technology who do not know where the top. Sometimes in the middle of the night suddenly had a good idea, will suddenly sit up from the bed; even in a dream, often dreamed of rows of gorgeous sushi, this is Mr . Onokazu pure sushi world. But even so jerseys china nfl factory many years made sushi, Mr Onokazu still believes that their skills are far from perfect”.

Sushi made by hand

This is the spirit of post”.

This “job spirit” is the pursuit of the focus is to create a great product. If purely from a business perspective, Ono Jiro should be in the middle when the stores opened all over the world, but he did not do so, because he is not the primary value of how to make more money, but how can we make more delicious sushi.

Lang said: “I always repeat the same things to improve, always aspire to make progress, I nfl jerseys online continue to work on the peak, but no one knows where the peak. I still do not think I have been perfect, love their work, life into which.”

Maybe after Ono Jiro’s death, the world Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic would never eat such delicious sushi again.

This is a great documentary, because it records a great man, recording a spiritual heritage.

I remember Jobs has a very important point of view, his first priority must be to make great products, and money is secondary. But because the Apple Corp too successful in business, so as not we difficult to say that Jobs keenly aware of the mood.

This represents a pursuit, an uncompromising pursuit of commercial gain. It is this quality, have the potential to create great things, commercial interests will become in the face of intense darkness without light these great things.

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