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My class starts at 8:30 Most people strive china wholesale every Saturday nike nfl jerseys talent morning. The first month, every time I hurried into the classroom on the point, the heart with anxious and uneasy, but every time I entered the classroom are very proud, because on time no more than 20 students, I always belong to the group on the minority, the majority of people are only after 9 p.m. to. Later, I gradually adapted to be able to advance 6 or 7 minutes to the classroom, but I found that the class of the students, students can attend class on time less, only about 10 people. There was a boy who impressed me because he was the oldest student in the class, but he said he was only 15 minutes earlier. On the three months after class, I was even more proud, because I found not too late to leave early, every week to students less than 10 people, and I was one of them. In other words, three months, the class of more than and 50 people, there are not able to do a weekly class on, class on time. The discovery surprised me. Assuming this is a class discipline game, you can beat the other 40 competitors by just finishing the class on time every week.

A 92 years of small children’s shoes, he graduated from the normal two of the college graduation, he told the other 6 people together in a unit practice, two months after he was left behind only. I asked why, say you have something stronger than others? He said, I do not know. I continue to ask: you think again. He said, because only I go to work on time. I don’t believe it。 He said: it is the message format to write more on less read typo, let people understand more. This time I believe. Because I have a deep understanding of this. Since I read watercress since at least thousands of mail to see the letter of inquiry, the written form is correct, piecewise clear, no typos, structured narrative jerseys nike supply center mail only a few letters, mostly a punctuation in the end, confusion, expression is not clear, the theme is unknown, the short line three is two a typo…… Often let me cheap nike nfl jerseys see dizziness brain bulge. Because chaotic mail to see more, occasionally see a letter format is correct, clearly express mail I are excited to tears, thinking about how to respond quickly. If you were me, what would you prefer to reply to? Of course, the ones that look more comfortable.

I believe a lot of people in high school language teachers have taught them how to take 5 points in the college entrance examination. My teacher said: keep the neatness, Tu altered not too much, wrong to draw two lines on the line. When writing a composition Wholesale nike jerseys authentic neatly, piecewise clear, the whole test looks refreshing, the impression can be more than five points. He added: imagine yourself is marking the teacher, in June and July summer weather, see the paper dirty, scribble, how will the mood?

I have organized several activities, to send messages to members of the event, all of a sudden let me remember those who are good character message. What is short message character good person? Every time you receive a message can promptly reply to your people, he will soon give you a response “received” “good, thank you”. Compared to those who received a text message after half a day not silent, did not know he saw the man, I love that kind of message man of good character. Contact, I will pay attention to their message character, learn from them something I did not know before.

Out of two books, especially out of the “slowly, all in time,” often asked a question, let me bother to not. I like to see a lot of people like Altman I feel amazing, “how do you do work while writing the book?” The beginning I honestly jerseys different nike color replied: “what is not ah, sometimes work not what things, sit down and write articles for one or two hours, slowly written in.” Then, many people do not believe, think I must be the first cantilever, cone, hard work for 99 to eighty-one months before in a book. Later, someone asked me again, I had to say: when I write very very very hard!

Speak so much, summed up in one sentence: to the extent of the efforts of most people is low, the fundamental round not to fight talent. Said there is a survey experiment, asked: if mathematics is not good, can learn computer program processing and other things nba jerseys news. Results more than and 70 per cent of the person can not. Then a professor summed up the sentence. Many people have always thought that oneself and others fight is hard, is a gift, what work, what was Curve Wrecker, in fact the spell is a little serious, a little bit of detail, even a little bit hard work alone. Around you, lazy too much, as long as you do the basic hard work, can become rich; in your world, most people are blind, as long as you have an eye, will be eligible to win.

I received so many complaints mail, some of them complain about the work of treatment is too low, some complain that work is trivial, some complain about social injustice, some complain that the family environment is not good, some complain that their degree is not high enough, some do not complain about their own love of things, there are people who write these mail to complain the three line, two typos, paragraph two thousand, will fill the “express” the word. How many of these people do what they should do and do well? I don’t think much. A man can never be satisfied with the status quo, but faithful to the status quo.

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