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Shao Wei from Thailand Phuket Let the wholesale nike nfl jerseys Island to play back that free shipping strong day, I, Maggie, and his, we three people drinking in a bar. Earlier that day, not many people, we sat down and began to play dice. Played for a while, he showed us pictures taken in Phuket Island. During the period, we smile say a lot, also plans to travel this year. Later, the bar singer sang two songs, a song “goodbye youth”, a song of “Beijing Beijing”, when “I live here also died here” when I hear yankuangshirun, hearts filled with a thousand regrets. In fact, sometimes, I admire the courage of others from a tiny city to big cities fight. I also want to rush into the big city, but I know that some cruel reality is what I must face.

Shao Wei is a very decisive, calm, brave boy, male chauvinism in his body show incisively and vividly. I just met him at that moment, he was still reading, always laughing like a rascal. Class, the teacher talked about the love of classical poetry, pumping a show of hands, he stood up and said, Wang Lun gave me love, the result was the teacher called the penalty station. This thing he later told me that his mother is not believe love, deliberately finding fault. At the end of the class, Shao Wei total love surround and others together in the crowd, said Huang Duanzi, a number of his greatest laughter. Last summer often carrying a computer to his home writing, downstairs met him holding a dog out cheap nfl jerseys online of a walk when I say you don’t hold your dog poop, he was a deputy is to let my dog poop, but others have no control of the attitude that is shipped in Lao Tzu opportunity give others making shit.

I often Tucao bad life Shao Wei, but each time he answered me, always puffed a cigarette, and then put the smoke towards me, smiled and said, you are like smoke at distance, can think of the future is unclear. When you nike nfl jerseys truly realize the social cruelty, you know, you are actually just unrealistic plan an utterly inadequate measure of comfort. This world belongs to the strong, you also want to go to the big city irresolute and hesitant, rush, if it is to be used by others to help each other to count the money.

Remember last summer, we drink at a friend’s house, drunk, I and he said a lot of things, said the most, of course, I am a strong said to forget some of the pain in the heart. Shao Wei comfort me say, if want to cry cry, want to say say, I listen. But I jerseys different nfl color didn’t say it all, just half said. He always said, I know.

In fact, my heart has a lot of back pain, have been buried, the pain is like a picture, is set on the nail, hanging on the walls of heart, need a person to take off. During, I asked him, I said so much, also tell your story. He hesitated for a moment and replied, don’t you all know? I said, always feel you have some things and I did not say, and I am not very good to ask you.

He replied, I do not love and others say too many negative pessimistic topic. The pain itself is lonely say, set up the chairs placed melon seeds and peanuts, waiting for someone else to sit down, others see you like a clown. He said it is not remember, probably meant, wanted to say, what the fuck so sensational. But how much is drunk, I just cry, just a strength that I have a knot in mind, can not open, this life is estimated not open. Because I don’t even know where this knot is.

In fact, I always think that people do not want to say, is the heart aching wound is a shame. I have always felt a few friends among the Shao Wei does not love reveal people worry. How many things are hidden, choking, perhaps as he said, a cup of wine, unhappy solution. But I think, don’t ask, is often the best.

Once, I am also a strength and others say life tired, a lot of pressure, but slowly found life, should play the tomb of a low-key, rather than playing the minds of Quanzhen sect, who need to stay in mind. Now, whether nfl jerseys different size you have much wronged, how much pain, how difficult, don’t tell everybody, not to hate their own people and say. You said, only let each other see how weak you are.

If you often put the difficulties of life is bad mouth, is to show others how weak. From the male perspective, more pain to swallow, to learn tolerance, learn to resist, then, like a chameleon, can change their color according to the ambient environment to survive.

Sometimes you have to learn to put your face down, because before you succeed, you have to be a grandchild. After all, this is a law of the jungle in the world. The only way to make the pain painless is to be strong. So, I want to thank you for giving me the negative energy of the people, thus, can let me see my own dream how much potential, so, can I forged impenetrable, so, in order to let me know if more hard, just waiting to be bullied.

You look at others to dream all the way, the heart will think so, as it is used regardless nfl jerseys news of personal danger, enjoy life. But what I want to tell you is that the premise of enjoyment is guaranteed. You don’t know, but the child everyone is running in tears. You dream of,

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