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Wang Jun is a boy who How do china cheap loves to laugh. Any time you see super bowl jerseys supply wretched day him, you can see his smile. Even if his eyes did not stay in your body, even if he is reading a book or focus on doing one thing, you will also find that his watch, mouth slightly cocked, like smiling.

This is due to his father’s teaching. Wang Jun’s father is a businessman, usually in the street of the village, selling some agricultural products, sometimes soybeans, sometimes with garlic, also selling cattle for a while. My father often said: “for the smiling man, who laughed, will make a good impression, good luck will be with you.” Because his father loves the characteristics of laughter, making his business has always been good, home conditions in the village has also been ranked in the forefront.

However, the good fortune in this world, never only care about a family. One year, my father heard that very tight in the field of jute, urged the village people of jute. In order not to let them worry, even an early cheap super bowl jerseys father paid 30% deposit, when jute harvesting and directly paid money seventy percent. However, that year, was also a very high price of jute, acquisition nike nfl jerseys prices fell suddenly father. Father bought jute sold, but to tun in the house, until the rainy day they gradually rot..

The village people watched Wang also feel shy to recover owed, the remaining thirty percent, it will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. However, they do not know is to pay their money, a large part of the father entrusted to find a rural cooperative bank loan. This directly led to Wang owed hundreds of thousands of debt.

Father’s no turning back. Fortunately, Wang Jun’s sister Wang Yun had married, do not need to give her money for a dowry. Fortunately, Wang Jun immediately graduated from college, do not have to pay tuition.

Wang Jun know the situation at home, looking for a job very enthusiastic. As to their school recruitment units, regardless of professional counterparts, he had voted to resume. Sea fishing fish, net sprinkle Qin, always harvest so one or two. Finally, with a nfl jerseys super bowl free shipping medical supplies sales company signed a contract. Salary one thousand and two hundred, the probation period is three months, after the trial period is still no sign list, they pack up and leave.

Although the salary is not high, but the company did solve the accommodation problem. Just graduated students, graduated from the sea of the unemployed, the unit received on the good. Mixing time, etc. the work experience, everything is much easier.

Work time is almost full of rows, telephone calls, visiting doctors, hospital leaders and negotiations, Wang Jun is very busy, but tens of thousands of medical equipment is not so good sales, although very hard, but also can not have performance. Wang Jun pressure is great, the last month he even has to dream at night to dream of street worship was rejected scene.

The movie “the pursuit of happyness”, Will Smith with persistent efforts, the ultimate success of the transaction, and change the fate. However, the film is only a film, a lot of things in real life, not your efforts must be harvested. Three months Jun Jun did not clinch a deal.

The company is still relatively humane, although no results, or pay more than one hundred nike super bowl jerseys top quality dollars Wang Jun. This makes Wang Jun nfl jerseys online sad a little relieved.

With nearly three thousand dollars for three months of accumulated, Wang entered the house hunting trip. However, in the Empire, rent houses generally charge a pair of three, only three thousand pieces, pay the rent to live ah! Lived thirty-five days a day underground guest house, Wang Jun feel living basement is also good, so simply find a basement to live down. Rent a good house, connect broadband, add some supplies, Wang Jun hands only about one thousand and five hundred of the money. Wang Jun knew that, in any case, within a month to find a good job, otherwise, life can be difficult to continue.

This time, Wang Jun received a phone call from home, sister five year old child because of mischievous leg broken, live in children’s hospital! Wang Jun mother sold the food, took one thousand dollars in the past. My mother would read between the lines, if the king work is stable, can save money from home, after all, as the only son of a family obligation, now so difficult at home, do not rely on him by whom.

In rural areas, parents’ view is that once the child is working, when the parents return. Previously, Wang Jun’s parents don’t think so, but now, parents are old, the business failed, the spirit is almost collapsed. Wang Jun thought that if the next month also can not find a job, to call home, it is not only bad news. Otherwise, the parents do not know the truth, but also thought he had a good Beijing!

Wang Jun received an advertising company’s offer. received offer, he was very surprised, almost did not remember once to the advertising company to cast a resume. A job is better than no job, only to graduate students will be a white paper, employers to smear on the above what the paper will show what. Both so, to try.

Did not expect so easily through the interview, Wang Jun Cheng an advertising copywriter assistant, a monthly salary of two thousand and five hundred, not including food. Go to work after the conversation between colleagues know, oneself actually entered a house accidentally, a very famous advertising company. Before entering the period, Wang Jun every day by this sudden happiness impact,

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