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Years ago, there was an I worked hard wholesale article I spent 18 years free shipping nfl jerseys to work and you sit together to drink coffee, talking about the field of youth in the magic are struggling story. The hero of the story, for ten years in the city suffer hardship, hard work, and finally in the city have a foothold, and the local people equal rights, namely, “you sit together and drink coffee.” the hero of the story and I sigh, you come from different, so I need to spend more than ten years of struggle you. Now, I bought a house in Shanghai, the future of our children, will grow up on a starting line.

The story particularly sad, moved a number of foreigners fighting in Shanghai. This sad story was later opened for use of Real estate advertising company, as a means of marketing, contributed to a lot to just need as the main customer base of the hot real estate projects.

Because of the same mood, it is easier to impress people. Li Kun Shanghai in ten years is similar, although not so tragic, but also not much difference.

Li Kun is Anhui, a university graduate, went to Shenzhen, like Shenzhen inclusive and broad, a mind to stay in Shenzhen. A few years of work, live frugally in the suburbs to buy a set of two rooms. At that time, Shenzhen prices are very cheap, but three thousand or four thousand square. However, at that time, Li Kun’s wages are very low, more than 1 thousand dollars a month loan, still makes him feel very difficult. Even if the hard, beautiful future jerseys supply nfl center is waving to him in front of. He waited for others, then casually decoration, you can live in their house, save a rental money. Wait a few years, married wife child hot Kang, small day beauty!

Li Kun think of the future, I feel very happy, sometimes dreaming at night, will laugh wake up. Do not know why, has not made a girlfriend. He does not worry, anyway, a house, people are still young, afraid of what!

In that year the launch, the girl said to like Li Kun, the girl is very beautiful, it makes Li Kun overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. The girl is a tour guide, flying abroad. From the intersection of occupation, with Li Kun eight pole could not beat. However, things in this world, always so clever. That day, the weather is stuffy and hot, Lee Kun station roadside taxi, playing for a long time did not hit, this time a girl walked past him, stood in front of him about three meters taxi. Li Kun shortness of breath, this girl is so arrogant, but obviously after that, he ran in front of a taxi, where is this?

Li Kun only prepared to go to the front of the girl, he saw a man came to the girl behind the girl opened the bag, hand is ready to stretch up, Li Kunchong shouted: “what are you doing?” Men are frightened to hand back, hurried away. The girl is naturally very grateful, this time to a taxi, the girl was the first to feel shy Li Kun, Li Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic Kunqian let up. Finally, there is a way to find the way, went on a taxi.

The girl called Sun Yun, soon became a girlfriend of Li Kun. Less than three months, the two lived together. Sun Yun is from Shanghai, claiming to be back in Shanghai. At that time, Li Kun is unsure whether to have feelings for her with her real live.and point, has been not to super bowl jerseys say yes or no. After a year, the family of the call, Sun Yun came back, considering Sun Yun’s age is not small, continue to do the tour guide may delay marriage, Sun Yun a little relationship to help her to arrange the work of a wine sales company reception.

Sun Yun called, let Li Kun resign to Shanghai, not to come, she will accept the parents arranged blind date. Li Kun hesitated for a long time, that really loves Sun Yun, decided to follow her. Li Kun cast a resume online, after the success of the network interview, resigned, came to Shanghai.

The road of love than the silk road. After Li Kun experienced mother-in-law picky, appraisal, relatives, etc. 99 eighty-one eyes taunt, Sun Yun in the help, finally got their approval. The mother-in-law bottom line, Li Kun needs to buy a house in Shanghai, to get married.

And this time, from the first time Li Kun buy a house, has been in the past three years, the rapid rise in housing prices in Shanghai. Jiading housing prices have rushed to ten thousand. Li Kun in Shenzhen the little house, he sold the house, add up all the money, then pay a down payment, for the wedding. Fortunately, a good wife, says young when running too many places, not willing to go out, he saved the honeymoon money.

Should the jerseys different nfl color mother-in-law’s request, Li Kun bought the house in Huangpu District, because lots good, so small. This is still nba jerseys news more than and 80 two bedroom flat. Fortunately, refined decoration, save a lot of things.

Submitted not long, two people on the. Although saddled with heavy mortgage, but the two feel very happy. Yes, there is nothing more than eating a warm room to live, but also with their loved ones more happy together! Li Kun thought, such a happy day will continue. Which knows a person smoothly too long, there will always be unhappy things waiting for him.

Wife is pregnant, this is how happy thing. Mother’s word means, anyway, the front salary is not high, it is better to resign at home to concentrate on recuperation. Wait a little older, can go to school, and then go to work late. The couple a total, heavy mortgage, gas, utilities,

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