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Met a high school I believe jerseys nike free shipping classmate last year. She has not seen me since online for sale hard struggle she graduated from high school in five years, in her words: “really surprised”. I don’t wonder why she was surprised. Because five years ago, I was a careless talk, fussy love calls “renlaifeng” elephant legs bucket waist dress, giant no taste “little fat girl”, did not read what the book, each time in front of the class to read a study report are nervous, “meaning” should come from walk around the “dumb”. Four years of University and research, a year all the hard work, finally rewarded in her words “unbelievable eyes and be startled at”.

Hard down is not count, but after all, day after day is also relying on strict exercise hold live weight, the first 3 months to lose weight nearly 30 pounds, after a rebound finally maintained at a healthy and stable level. My friends asked me to lose weight and experience local slimming tips, I think carefully recall, each method can be called the secret key is to own enough. When the university courses, amazing willpower, what what delay are not lazy, seasons, School of plastic runway at 6 o’clock in the morning, in a ring, that crashed from the bottom of my heart to surge up the original vitality, sweat can also be extremely elegant and valuable.

There are so many nights, the campus was noisy coverage, everyone is watching or side keguazi entertainment laugh and laugh, or in the downstairs and boyfriend Nanshenanfen corner belong to own but only silence. Sometimes doing long yoga “hero” action on the balcony, or in bed for a long “inverted wall.” sometimes sometimes listen to jerseys nike Free Shipping music, read a book, but nfl jerseys news more time is quietly silent, but every little bit of change.

Losing weight teaches me that it’s a simple thing, but how to be a better person. But at the same time, it is a very difficult thing, because the need for strong self-control and no external coercive self-discipline. Only then did I understand that the so-called persistence is just a small thing day after day. Running or yoga or anything else. This incident may not be pleasant to Taobao, there is no free brush micro-blog to laugh, but stick with repeated day in and day out, as long as you have enough patience, from quantitative to qualitative change is a long process. Like, in the eyes of others absolutely impossible to thin down I took only three months to succeed.

Then grind, choose a too high to be reached schools, others do not believe and then say “you are not even her fat waist, which can cut down the fat years” tone almost. Later, is to get up at six every day, in the deserted study room to sit all day, the eleven point one walked back to the dormitory, but also in the dormitory upstairs self-study night reading. Hundreds of nights, the school path over no one. Guard uncle with a flashlight to help me illuminate a small section of the road, he said: “little girl you how a person is not afraid of black?” I silently shook his head, just want to say I’m not afraid of the dark, afraid of cold,jerseys nike factory supply afraid of farroad crash, but wasted time wasted time. Then should be expected of others, and dreams heartache wrong shoulder, but also lucky enough, second volunteers smooth adjustment, eventually got a good result.

Now I recall that period of time is still very uncertain, such as time to send, so regardless of road and desperately pay fully and delightfully perhaps only once, like the blood and tears of life have been exhausted. Friends wrote so far have remained in the notebook, she said, we use the best life time mortgage, to guarantee a say will be ridiculed dreams.” The winter night dark, always indelible, but feel a long way to go, the future can be expected, bright sunny all dreams do. It is also the only one, let me feel a dark narrow heart is hope to illuminate a filling, the whole magnificent world are waiting for I can’t wait to review.

Over the years, reading practice, organize community activities, slowly overcome many weaknesses. In mathematics competition took the small place, is no longer the high school math teacher was frank to “how can I save you, your math!” Afraid of mathematics afraid to die. In a speech to write poetry recitation, finally can free shipping nfl jerseys calm calm in front of thousands of people speaking. Read a lot of writing a lot of words, bit by bit to observe and ponder, let oneself in soap operas and entertainment news outside find attribution, boring accumulation of spiritual thickness. Planning a party on New Year’s Eve brilliantly illuminated, rehearsals, sitting in the audience feel inferior, side curtain call, applause laughter downs ah, that he can also make a such a thing. Growth is really an hour to boil out of an hour. Others are easy thing to get myself mad, but the growing sense of well-being so provoking aftertaste, so also can write rich practical log.

One of my roommates in college, from a national poverty county, who lives halfway up the mountain, mobile phone signals are weak. His mother died, the family of four sisters, besides her early dropout south to work, rely on student loans to pay tuition, all living expenses are all from 00 pieces of work. With my shallow vision nike jerseys online, only think she is seriously experienced the suffering of life. College just opened,

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