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Years ago, I was close When all nfl children jerseys to a miss meng. She was born from china free shipping to a wealthy political family, was pretty scenery, after a series of bad luck, she finally left the ancestral home in Beijing, a move to Shanghai, was admitted to the Changning District base rent into my bunk. Imagine the scene: we rent cement floor, yellow white walls often climb on the lower berth of all kinds of animal, rust shaking arthropod. At first our relationship was weak and we didn’t talk to each other. She had very little luggage or even a computer, but she carried an ass.. Must be high imitation goods, living here so vanity, loaded with what rich people.” I was thinking of disdain.

One time I accidentally forgot my keys and sat at the door waiting for her to come back. The next morning, I took the initiative to exchange contact with her. Meng meng.” Her left hand holding the right neck seemed very tired look, said with a frown.

On Christmas Eve, I was awakened in the dark tones, the white screen mobile phone flash her name, the moment clearly answering the edge I leaned to see lower berth. The phone as hell generally silent, a few seconds behind her quiet melodious voice: “sorry, could you do me a favor?”

When I arrived at the Jiangpu Road, unkempt cheap nfl jerseys Zhoujiazui road to the interface, one can see sitting on the doorstep of the bank timid when I Miss Meng, the expression of the text is absolutely terrified, although Shanghai in December than the north is biting a world of ice and snow. But under the dim light she was wearing only a bra and panties on a pair of pumps.

I quickly took off the wool coat, she took the fingers clenched, because mobile phone is whit jerseys nike free shipping stiff, showed that she was trying to suppress their own, from head to toe is still a trembling, back to my clothes, her back gaunt but dignified deportment.

On the way back in the evening when she told me that she received a underwear ads, jishihaoren shooting, she was assigned to the last group, managed to turn her, who knows is not finished with vendors on the snack grounds, pulling them drink in the next room on the sofa, watching several the girl one by one to the manufacturer arms in love, she realized that the situation is really wrong.

“You you you how you do not early withdrawal ah? There is such a thing biliangweichang!” Due to emotional and stammering I cried.

She said: “it has been so long, I have finished shooting to get the five hundred dollars.”

And then the more tragic, students carry to the final Miss Meng still did not get a penny, so she went to the locker nfl jerseys free shipping room to find clothes and shoes and bags all disappeared, she guessed was before leaving a model of pilfering.

She is the first time to advertise underwear, only to put together in the second half of the rent, who lost his wife of another soldier, she said that even if it is not love, she is all worth, just have a wallet photo of Mr. Zhou, it should be her boyfriend, I guess.

Our home is already four in the morning, lying in bed, I sleep, for she had pity on awe, imagine a beautiful girl wearing underwear walking in the street, penniless holding a mobile phone running out of power, this shocking picture. No one placed in me, enough to let me cry to jump. This is poor to what share, can force people so strong.

Miss Meng is an investment company of small analysts, often self overtime until midnight. Weekends and holidays, she was a part-time job, what activities do small advertising etiquette, and even bar help field have done. She can always come into contact with different people, but private life is very simple, is that she never spent a night, no matter how late will come back, her mobile phone rarely sounded, I loved her mobile phone ringtone: “leave this world the one I love most”. Sometimes I feel so boring, it nfl jerseys online will again call her just for listening to music, she did not care I just smiled, and I suspect she is only one of my friends.

I have a squeamish to let her meet me, because only under a light rain trapped in the supermarket, far away in the crowd holding a nike nfl jerseys top quality transparent umbrella she exudes a hard cold, she handed me an umbrella handle, Mei ran a smile at me, carrying two bags of things rushed into the rain, painting the next plane is my umbrella at a small Suibu followed obviously than her two fertilizer has become so weak.

I even fear of the night, always three step back, not worry about the bad is suspected of ghosts can follow, Miss Meng never be afraid of the dark, she is always holding the glass I tell a ghost story, I wrapped my arms around his legs immediately in the corner, staring at her with his last white water, along the neck I see traces of slight swallowing while she pouted, cigarette on the occasion, hurriedly grabbed her little brown blanket in his mouth, like the wronged myself.

Miss Meng split the city of Shanghai into a few pieces, used to store their own different, switching various models. For example, her head is always hanging three sets of clothes, the left the white silk shirt and suit straight, where she is rigorous and hard work, and the blue and white squares cotton skirt, is suitable in some places and well behaved quiet,

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