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Last year was the Give up nfl jerseys from usa 300 anniversary of the from windows present Yale University in the United States, the world’s second largest software company Oracle’s chief executive, Allison was invited to attend the ceremony of the fourth richest man in the world. Allison as president of Yale University, teachers, alumni and graduates, made a shocking remarks. He said: “all the teachers and students of Harvard University, Yale University and other schools are opinionated success, in fact you are all loser (loser), because you have been in Bill Gate and other outstanding students studying at the University as the honor, but Bill Gate is not to read the book at Harvard proud.”

The remark stunned the audience. So far, such as Harvard, Yale School has always been to almost all the fear and longing, Allison was so crazy and even dare to put those proud schools teachers and students called loser., but is not the end, Allison then said: “many of the most outstanding talents not only to Harvard, Yale proud but often,jerseys supply nfl center resolutely abandon the kind of glory. The world’s first Fubier Gates, midway dropped out of Harvard; the world’s second rich Paul Alan, never went to college; fourth of the world’s rich, I was expelled from the Yale University; Allison, the world’s eighth rich DELL, had only one year of College; Microsoft President Steve Bauer silent in the list probably ranked in ten away, he is my classmate Bill Gate, why do some achievement difference? Because he is reading a graduate to drop out after unable to part……”

Allison then “comfort” the pride of being a little damage to the Yale graduates, he said: “but you also don’t be too sad, you still has hope, you hope that, after so many years of hard work, finally won for us these people (dropouts, not college, was excommunicator) working opportunity.”

Allison’s words of extreme, but not devoid of sense. Almost all the people, including our own, there is often a strong “sense of identity to glory.” we were born in a good family proud to enter a famous university proud to have the opportunity in the international big company proud to work, can not say the sense of honor Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic is unfair. But if this is just because of an obsession with identity brings you glory, so the realm of life would not be too high, the cause of the pattern will not be too big. When we revel in their so-called “success”, we have been truly successful as loser. real success can make a family, a school, a company, a province, a country and even the whole world is proud of him.

I had a teacher, has been over fifty years, the academic achievement is quite small, but he always did not forget to mention his brilliant year: he jerseys from china was a famous university, a famous domestic scholar’s disciple. Respect him in the two is the name of glory to his life a lifetime, disdain for sentient beings, but nothing to the end, even bring interest to eat.

Life is lit up by one bright spot, and in order to create a new bright spot, you may need to always forget the glory you are or have had.

That Beijing has a winter with the dazzling sunshine, I was dressed in a suit with cashmere Meng behind, closely packed, ready to look around, reminds me of a glass box in the small hamsters, the body’s fine hair with excitement thriller.

We passed the busy street, into the quiet path. Set foot in a high-rise reflective marble floor, my high heels on quickly catch up, staring jerseys different nfl color at her lip clear face, she slowly looked to uneven level of the head, her eyes over the rows of people from the side by side one after another, multi-color, messy clothes, accurate find he.

At the moment, the world suddenly quiet, he is involved in her eyes flow place. That kind of feeling is not, she can see he opened his eyes, which through the crowds of heavy traffic and utter not a single word. All this, she will help themselves all remember. Love someone in nba jerseys news her way, he never saw her.

This year’s Miss Meng, is a small two rich generation real mother, a legend, like a half true story. Many years ago that she was shivering, always haunted me, we often face a kill suddenly be taken by surprise departure, gradually learned to compromise. After all, if you can practice letting go, where so many tears of heart carved with emotion and suspense in a disastrous state. Overnight, I became independent, become strong, began to let go, overnight, we are the same, what will be.

Participate in Mr. Zhou wedding Meng, unexpectedly as usual calm. She hugged me at the airport, facing the hustle and bustle of large crowds crowd, grabbed my arm in my ear said: “if it hadn’t been reluctant to let go, nor Temper I am today, but I never did not delay his life.”

I stood stiff refused to turn her back, until it disappears completely, to let alone, crying.

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