If fate wholesale nike nfl jerseys wronged you

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Aunt and a partner opened If fate wholesale a beauty salon, in her nike nfl jerseys wronged you forty-one years old this year. This is her first N venture. Since the age of thirty she and uncle aunt both laid off, selling clothing, opened a restaurant, selling MaryKay, even as far as Guizhou opened the city feet, the results invariably ended at a loss. The people said, unscrupulous profiteers, no rape is not so good, like the aunt who is honest, do business how to earn money? Even she herself also joked: “I did not forget this man was not born to do business block material.”

After a few years after that, originally a little aunt clutched in the hands of all deposits Daleshuipiao, also owed a debt. Business is the most dismal time, and people in the county to open a clothing store, shop son opened in the new pedestrian street, a string of four children linked, looks very impressive style. When jerseys supply nfl center is aunt borrowed usury to dafanshenzhang, but as the day is man, pedestrian street popularity does not always busy, business as usual.

I go to see her that summer, the huge clothing store she alone guarding, in order to save money, even selling clothes do not please the girl. Noon meal,nfl jerseys from usa  little cousin also, I suddenly understand something, that is not hungry only three people called two lunch, aunt still maintained a passionate nature, kept to a lunch box, I myself eat green pepper shredded meat clip, light.

Clothing store not long or closed. Aunt calmly accepted the reality, in order to repay the debt, but also for a pair of children, she went to a good sister opened the supermarket to work, said sales clerk, in fact, what sales do cashier. When the supermarket goods arrived, aunt helped move the unloading land, sometimes cooking home, she also helped a large group of people to eat food. In fact, her duty is the aunt said: “can, are good sisters, can jerseys nfl china factory take the knob handle, regardless of what it is.” Sisters and amiable, see her or as intimate as before, but wages did not give her more open, when the new year sent her and employees red envelopes are equally, are one hundred.

Aunt lumbar disease, after all is the time of the fall, and some goods like drinks what really is not light, before the age of thirty, she was a pampered little grandmother lives, where do such heavy work. Every time after unloading, the waist will be sore for several days, sometimes the arm can not lift up.

In order to facilitate the small cousin to school, aunt has been living in the town. She had no house in the town, or the ex – sister lent her a house for good. I went to the place where she lived at a house, in all, there are two beds, eat and sleep in this room, she and uncle with his little cousin, cousin is back here, look at it a bit sad. The corner of the room stood a simple wardrobe, opened a look, Goodfellas, a wardrobe full of clothes are ironed dress, docile hanging neatly. Look at the small aunt, wearing tight pants, wearing windbreaker, modern look a little change, it is really like a jewel in the cottage. I found this, so his sad is too hypocritical, to which the mountain sing what song, people looked at aunt is down, she is too good.

Later, aunt even had two serious illness, has removed the uterus and appendix. A lot of people look haggard face, far from young as radiant, just dress still doesn’t relax, I asked about her illness, she lifted the skirt to me two scar on her lower abdomen, two Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic pink scar protruding now her white belly, looks slightly sinister, I glanced at the fall turned his head, she joked: “this a what disease, the doctor did not place the knife.”

Everyone thought aunt would not work in the supermarket until dry. Didn’t expect after many years later, she took over the years and uncle work save money, again into the sea. Of course, this time she was more nfl jerseys news conservative, just a small shareholder beauty salon, and part-time store caretaker, can get a monthly fixed salary, not a loss in the end. Open this business is really suitable for her aunt, a little beauty, no matter in what kind of situation will pick up their very glamorous decent, the people of the town had to take her as a fashion icon, speaking of her love Confidante has many ancient sigh.

My aunt has? Maybe yes. From the age of thirty, destiny never favors her. The pain like that two poor ugly scar, on her body, but her aunt is not complaining, but also not improperly belittle oneself, with the two scar frankly, with a smile to live.

My aunt recently with WeChat, she only read the junior high school, the use of WeChat is not unfamiliar, I often see her in the circle of friends to upload some of beauty and health, beauty salons in the home and imagine the gentle words of customer service mind often sounded aunt, she advised me to say: “happy people in this life, ah, said not long, say short not short, don’t care about so much, what things should be like, eat some Kui not in your heart.”

My aunt is 41 years old, two years old a lot, but in my heart is still so beautiful. Not only do I think so, I heard she still has suitors.

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