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In my early years Hunger is jerseys nfl supply free shipping of factory good exercise twenty, my appetite was surprisingly good. Every night, we are gathered in a kebab stand. Even the snow of winter, frozen shivering, sitting in front of the fire, baked cheeks slightly hot. We drink a mouthful of nonsense, Huang Duanzi, unscrupulous. The chicken meat, ribs, large kidney, roasted skin crisp and tender side of coke. The summer time, in the next stall called on a dozen bottles of beer and half a watermelon. Soybean, peanut, rabbit, duck. You are home to miss, the Indoorsman brush night fighting, alcoholic, running management. Through the smoke all night. Kebab is not delicious, salty sauce but then brush crab, I love to death, and the taste of earthly fireworks. Once an artist with the developed force came to us and asked: “in the eight Wuqi bad place, how can you ease creation?” I smiled and said: “go to your uncle!”

Do not eat string of days, we cook their own. I work pretty well tempered. Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, beer duck, Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, dry pot broth, pickled tofu meat, Fish in Sour Soup, is my specialty. In winter, we own pickled cabbage. A giant pickle barrel, one hundred kilograms of cabbage. Drying the epidermis slightly dry, a layer of real code, sprinkle with large salt, press a large stone, water immersion. The most cold days, Tofu Pot pork with pickled cabbage vermicelli. Pickled pork dumplings, put a lot of oil. Oil filled with fleshy, thick and delicious acid. A room full of friends, laughter, dancing in the cheap nfl jerseys online flour.

We make our own vegetables, pork and flowers, do Guizhou sour soup with a beer bottle, beat the steak. Dried cowpea, eggplant, sun pepper, radish strips. We have a private kitchens, at home and entertain strangers. I was invited to write recipes, I consulted my parents, Nana Hiroko filled with several pages of paper. At that time we are keen to eat buffet, twenty-two pieces of a Chongqing Hot pot 421 disc, eight disc easily kill the lamb. Later, this hot pot shop down, we are said to be eaten upside down, I deeply think.

At that time, one of my sisters ate KFC with me. She looked at me to eat chicken wings shiver all over though not cold. She said to me, “I don’t know what kind of man will fall in love with you. The way you eat is too scary to control your desires.” Moderation? At that time, I even “full” is what all do not know, only know “support”. For me, “just” means boring, only excessive is jerseys different nfl color attractive. Life is a feast, it should be a feast, if it is not, then I will fill it with food.

What is hunger? I think hunger is a state of life. Twenty year old hunger, is full of heart hunger. For love, for life, for everything. I ate a supermarket, a herd of cattle, a group of dreams and ambitions, a bag of wholesale nike nfl jerseys wonders, and lots of love to eat. Chew chew and swallow mouth, the verb is all detached.

At that time my weight soared to more than and 130 pounds. A disaster for my height. Men all over the world turn a blind eye to me, only one person worried. That’s my father. In a summer afternoon, he came back from the outside, with a single promotion center to lose weight. He said to me, “you have to lose weight. That’s the most important thing you do now. You can not work, but have to lose weight.” I looked at the front of the nearly sixty year old man, sweat soaked his shirt, stuck in his back. I imagine him riding a car, the street looking for slimming stores, go in for the way from door to door. My mother said to me behind his back, “your father said,” our daughter is a piece of jade, but she thinks she is a stone.” Then I said to them with certainty, “I won’t go to the weight loss center. I don’t take any medicine. My own minus.”

Hungry is a kind of feeling? This feeling I am very familiar, because these three years, it has not left me, I think, will follow me for a lifetime. Haruki Murakami used to describe a very short story in a short story. He took a picture depicting hunger: “take a boat floating on the lake. Looked down, you can get a glimpse jerseys nfl different size of the water reflection of the volcano.” Frankly, I don’t think he’s hungry. Hunger itself has no poetry, no dignity. Hunger is similar to pain. In the long duration nfl jerseys online of starvation, stomach burning, gastric wall friction, you will feel the genuineness of pain. People degenerate into animals, just want to eat big things. In addition, do not want anything. Dieting is very difficult, because it is in the most basic and most primitive desire to fight, with the body’s most natural and most direct function against. The outcome of confrontation is often anxiety, depression, collapse and madness. But I won. Of course, not every win, but win when most.

I want to say, the most terrible is habit. We can get used to everything, including hunger. Slowly, I pursue is no longer “full”, but “not too hungry.” I began to like the “micro hungry” state. In this state of consciousness is particularly clear, looking at pictures, reading, watching movies, particularly distinctive impression. When writing things seem neat. Before writing, redundant bloated, the whole person in an emotional state, and later to heavy easier slowly.

Of course I’m thin, about forty pounds before and after thin.

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