Everyone has wholesale football jerseys china something to envy

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Each person’s Everyone has wholesale football jerseys fate and china something to envy the objective conditions are different, some people have no surprise and change radically in smooth water, sorrow; some people life is ups and downs, roaring waves. When they are in that sinister situation, what attitude should be treated? Be in a calm mood, calm by, or complain, full of complaints, or blame the unfair fate?

In ancient India wisdom, there is a saying, different fate, is God to give different test and hone your. People living in the world, there must be an idea: there is a result of efforts to exercise, no results of the effort is honed. No matter in what circumstances, should pull over, because each one encounters are the essential elements of growth.

There is a Buddhist story. In the forest, there is a rabbit family, because often suffer from other animal attacks, and they have no ability to fight against the enemy, almost every day there are members killed every day and is constantly on the run to nfl jerseys news avoid attack. They can’t stand this day from a cliff, unanimously decided football all style jerseys to go to the far side, jumped into the bottomless Lake in the Dutch act.

Both young and old rabbits all agreed with the decision, are very tragic with the rabbit king to the edge of the cliff.

But as soon as they came to the edge of the cliff, with time to jump off the cliff to the lake, who is playing on the edge of the frogs and fish to see so many of the rabbit stood on the cliff, they scurried to the boiling water swam down to the lake.

Is preparing to wear collar sun jumped the cliff King rabbit jerseys football top quality suddenly realized. It turned to the rabbit say: you see it? There are more timid lives than us, they are afraid of us, why do we die?

The rabbits also suddenly realize that follow the rabbit king, backtrack, jump to their full of joy of life from generation to generation and then into the forest, they are only a happy rabbit.

This story tells all of those frustrated in life, pessimistic people always complain, always complain about the unfair fate of people: you will never be the most unfortunate people, you are not always the most happy person. No matter how superior your situation is, there is always someone better than you. No matter how miserable your situation is, there will always be someone more miserable than you.

When our eyes are not big enough to worry about, perhaps, there is a blind man by our side. When we do not have their own tall and straight body inferiority, perhaps there is a dwarf to us. When we have no money to buy a pair of luxury leather shoes when you worry, maybe we happen to have a side who lost both legs to hand when the foot stumble. When we have no voice to be a speaker and anxious, you think there are tens of thousands of deaf people in the world?

In fact, for each of us, when you feel yourself how unfortunate, the world more unfortunate than you might be in your side, but the difference is, his nike football jerseys understanding of life in the most common philosophy, learned to cherish, so, although he only has a little bit the advantages of his face is bright smile.

The world is never perfect, each of us has its own shortcomings and limitations, but also have something to envy others. An optimistic person, always own even very small advantages as a treasure, like the care of their lives as treasure. A pessimistic person, always see the merits of others, and to turn a jerseys china football for promotion blind eye to their own advantages.

Understand these later, our world, will always be the bright sunshine, each of us on the face, will always be filled with a good smile. Each of us, are happy people.

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