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Involved in two nfl jerseys free shipping articles on the china for sale is drink coffee struggle to drink coffee old, but the author also put forward another point of view: in order to have their own ability to drink such a cup of coffee, and always keep not to drink such a cup of coffee consciousness. Sunday and her husband went to the city, a colleague at noon and eat together, the two is to buy two season commuter clothes. Because listen to my colleagues said with a line of credit card, go to the coffee shop can play half price, two people have twenty or thirty dollars, so also for the first time to go to the cafe petty, drinking coffee and reading.

At first, everything went according to plan, shopping tired began to find the half price coffee shop, the hot sun walked more than and 10 minutes finally found. In order to ensure that the news is accurate and reliable colleagues, as soon as I went to the cashier asked the waiter: “* * bank credit card can not play half price ah?” The waiter looked up a glance at me, saying: “the end of the event.” Then wait for us to order, I look at the husband, said “then go”, took him out.

After going out, husband to find a cool place to start using a mobile phone to check and group purchase coupons, check for a long time to find a fairly nfl jerseys online close to another coffee shop group purchase, are not expensive cheap authentic nfl jerseys, so hand in hand and began to look for, but the coffee shop is quite close, and soon found the.

So the two of them in the rampage seated, the waiter took two menus, ask what are we drinking. I casually asked: “group purchase coupons can use it?” Unexpectedly, tragedy happened again, people say: Oh, buy only use on Friday.” I look again at the husband sitting opposite, “forget it, right here.”

I admit that when my heart is tangled up, after all they are the waiter to bring the menu, also took the pen and stood stiff in the US, but a tangled, I stood up and said to him “feel shy ah”, took away her husband.

Out of the second cafes, I can not help but blame her husband two sentences, how not optimistic about what time can be used ah. Husband also some guilt, one is not clear because of the restrictions buy, one is that I just want to drink a cup of coffee, into the two did not drink into, let me wronged. Then, smiled and said: “wife, since there is no discount, we might as well go to Starbucks. Not on seventy or eighty dollars, my husband please you.”

To tell the truth, he said the truth, no discount on coffee price almost, than to Starbucks Cougerenao, to satisfy my vanity too vulgar to be top quality for cheap jerseys nfl endured. And we now income, in fact, seventy or eighty dollars to drink a cup of coffee is also normal. I once again tempted.

But! Spend seventy or eighty dollars to drink a cup of coffee, I still feel very expensive! Very not worth! Very distressed! So decided not to drink, not a coffee? Miss the coffee machine unit has more than 8 thousand dollars of freshly ground coffee beans are Starbucks coffee, what to drink to drink coffee, drink, while leading in steal drink. Husband does not agree that such a point can not meet the requirements of his wife do?

Suddenly, I had an idea, Starbucks has no discount ah? Husband immediately open the phone search up. The magic is, actually have! With a bank credit card can buy one send one!! So once again we excitedly start! The results to Starbucks, was told that people are flagship stores, do not participate in this event!

I despair, about more than and 40 minutes, not only did not drink, also exposed to the weather, hot and tired and thirsty. As a result, we rushed across the KFC, each bought a 9 yuan afternoon package. Grab a seat, feeling really happy, “my husband, you see, we have 18 dollars to buy so many delicious, two drinks, two pairs of wings, if it is in a coffee shop, a cup of coffee.” The husband also specially two installs small boy to say: “yes, wife is most intelligent! The most virtuous wife! Yeah!”

There was a very fire post, called “I struggle for eighteen years, and you can sit together to drink coffee”, remember the first time in the Internet cafe to see that article, I face the screen tears. At that time I sophomore, dormitory only I have no computer, homework to go to the school room, want to go online to play something else to go outside the cafe.

Later, another person wrote wholesale football jerseys a response, called “I struggle for eighteen years, not to drink coffee with you”, also see my tears. At that time, I, I have a laptop computer on its own, but every day at noon in the cafeteria or eat a vegetable dish.

Toss for a long time did not drink coffee this thing, reminds me of those two articles. I admit, hip to have coffee with petty is a very funny thing, also admitted that my schooling and work experience nfl jerseys at best discount on the way is not what struggle, so, these experiences, in the end is not to drink coffee together with who?

I am not so arrogant, I cannot say everything I do is to pursue their own inner balance, rather than to and who is more than, can’t say I never envy anyone. But I also know that it’s not really about drinking coffee with anyone.

The two article, let me tears part, is the author describes himself when he just went to college to understand everything, and other students have gaps.

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