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In mid July But eating for sale, after graduating from cheap women jerseys meat with tears college, I came to Wangjing, not far away from home, sit for an hour in the subway, but the subway to the unit and nearly five km walking distance to Wangjing, this piece has three sub hop market is well developed in Beijing, commonly known as jump, is the kind of burning oil tricycle, often on the road and the car refused to yield, Biao, always bouncing jumped, sitting inside a car at any time excitement, from the subway company to ten dollars, the price is reasonable, and can enjoy the feeling of flying, sit three jump and become a pleasure essential to my daily life.

Three jump because the vehicle is not stable, it is difficult to control the throttle, and no suspension, so the rollover risk, there are security risks, big CityGod who is chased, every week to do a three jump smash, even the car with a pressure, then increase the penalty. Basically this part of Wangjing dry three sub hop business is a basic field to Beijing workers, no money, no culture, no connections no nike nfl jerseys skills, whenever there is a little way will not do the job during the day in the subway door, lying alive, while soliciting while mobilizing the body senses cheap price for women jerseys at night in the basement for urban management, 400 in January, they and three jump, every effort to keep running, but at any time to do the car fell to the ground, bid farewell to this piece of land preparation. These are an excellent three hop driver told me.

He let me call him six, to work in Beijing for third years, twenty-two years, and I like, but to call my brother, said he was sitting in his car is not because I have a brother, brother fan, please don’t refuse me. We often sat his acquaintance in self jump, then slowly familiar, from old customers become friends when I jumped out of the subway, every morning he would hold a root on the roadside Hongmei waiting for me, at this time if there are other customers he will apologize to refuse, so I hell-bent. The sixth is my experience the best of the three sub hop driver, he used his signature driving posture is the lower part of the body tilted his legs, so cool posture can keep very stable, very gifted, but he is a little too good, always love on the road to chat with me, I not that he will be so distracted, but his mother always love him back to chat with me, with the back of the head, eyes to the front.

Six every day happy give me some interesting life, yesterday which competitors overturned, do not weigh yourself a few pounds, thought the three sub hop who can open it! The guy who accidentally hit the inspectors on the spot, the copy at any time filled with righteous nike women jerseys top quality indignation to prepare the pliers unloaded a wheel, or insist this is not three round. He has thousands of miles from home, he three generations, last year his wife gave birth to a son to him, one family happy, just get good luck, little son six months ago had a strange disease, often breathing difficulties, hundreds of miles to see again, still did not cure. “But it doesn’t matter, the children in the mountains are hard, I save a half a year to bring his son to the big Beijing hospital, we can not cure the capital?” When these six still chuckling, and still his mother to turn her head and look at me about.

I love the sixth, because he always eyes narrowed, cheerful, he saw every morning, I feel the warm sunshine can melt away the haze in Beijing.

One morning in mid September, I continued to sit six of the three sub hop defying all the way we over the car, I didn’t want to sixth day money, he said he wanted to return home at the end of the month is estimated to come back, this time to send me, I recommend two peer good buddy, call me after their car and told me they are in this area ranked second and third of the three sub hop driver.

Second days, six figure will no longer appear at the gate of the subway station, life goes on, I still sat three jump to the company. But on the first day there six days, I take the three jump to grab the road and the road the same Cavalier Hegemony — the bus hit nfl jerseys online almost rollover, I miss the sixth.

One day you will understand that if you meet a good three – hop driver, the other will become a.

After a week, six back in advance, in the subway door when I saw him women jerseys free shipping jumping past on his car, he still eyes narrowed into a thin line, cheerful, just eye wrinkles go deeper than the day. I was very happy in the past, by jumping Pentium, policy jump ride day back, I can all coveted luxury cars in the sixth jump on. Six technology did not regress, driving more rapidly, like a long repressed beast to the world roared into the company.

That day to the company’s time than in the past a few minutes earlier, when I think of the car has not been asked before he suddenly returned home, “the six son, it will suddenly say how to walk away, the home is not out of what?” “Nothing eldest brother, the son is in serious condition, daughter-in-law and my mother worry, let me go back and see”

“That’s better now. See you’re back at the end of the month”

“Dead, breathless, seeing the dead, little face turned blue”

I was shocked, my throat like card into the glass pieces, do not say any words, even forgot how to swallow the saliva.

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