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Some time ago I Simple life cheap authentic and a group of nike nfl jerseys pay a high price classmates and friends for years no cordially talking yan. Later I finish, with which a better relationship between female students walk a long way. She told me that I was too strong, everything like boys to fight, and now suddenly want to open, and I think the girls can not be too strong, otherwise the marriage can not go out. Her biggest wish is to find a home near and not very much work, marry a considerate love their husband, do not need luxury cars, just want to get down to live deep affection. But suddenly found that if the world does not allow her so, because of the dream of the man seems far not to the point. Even more frightening is that she felt that in accordance with the development of the status quo, or even simply do not feel any sign of approaching the ideal. She wants to change, but can’t find the way.

At the time of her breath to say a lot, has always been good at debate and I was on the spot to choke speechless. In order to live a simple life, first of all to become their own simple, seems to be more than clear logic, but why the reality is often means a different awkward taste?

Yesterday after work, my friend called me about a few days to play tennis. Hung up the phone, I cheap nfl jerseys suddenly realized something.

First of all, I am a friend, I am a lot older, is recognized on the tennis court. If she is invited me to play in after work, often on the way to pick me up to the same unit. She drives a Mercedes E series top car, but on the road away from the driving style on neither fast nor slow, that has a high literacy. The road car phone and her husband say  cheap women jerseys about under the arrangement, in the field, is still open for hands-free in love a few words, don’t mind sitting in the copilot’s I. I have seen her husband several times, is also a very good people, with a sincere and relaxed smile is always hanging on the face, the relationship between husband and wife is good to let the others I have to admire. Their two skills are no good for me, but I did not like it to my peers at a distance but because of some mistakes, and his jokes amused. A coach some cold, they also carefully observe, went to the trunk to get medicine, let the coach and I are very touched.

The couple are a few of the people I have come across. They live a simple and happy life, and they hold the passport of the former two female students. But compared to my other wealthy friends life, seems to be at the material level and they also compared favorably, some even seem happy country visas are difficult to match. The economic base determines the superstructure,jerseys nfl online but now it seems only can determine the upper limit. The specific level depends on the level and nature of their own.

I take the subway to go after work, look around in the crowd and comparing typical numerous living beings, have been exposed, I suddenly realized the truth: perhaps many rich people are not happy is the crux of the rich and not expensive.

There is a senior said that China’s rich in groups, but few nobles. Once thought that the way to judge the nobility is very simple, is to look at the situation and their material life, and later found that the standard is too superficial. Recently, it is necessary to examine whether a person’s physical and spiritual level is more appropriate match.

Only the rich and expensive, to enjoy a truly simple life. They have a strong financial foundation, considering the material problems do not have to; have a strong connotation support, can emit gas in any situation nba jerseys news. Many rich people with money among the elegant ring, found in the spirit to truly communicate with others into, a little attention will support, ultimately because of such a large communication cost and said of an aged person. Your people are sincere and forthright, reveal the true temperament but also make people feel good, and many words in front of their gas field are collapse, it is difficult to hurt anything, live relaxed and comfortable.

I believe that a friend would brought me all the way to play it is not because I am a professional outfit, but my tennis technique. I am willing to communicate with them because of their extraordinary conversation, but not luxury cars. We are very clear, as long as the money, the car is professional outfits and anyone can immediately get on the pitch, but the ability to make money and touch, caring is instinct, and the family’s heritage month after month and year after year to refine it, is truly worthy of our jerseys factory nfl supply Freemasonry. In fact, if the family, I really should not appear in their side, and at the tennis level, we are based on the strength of the association, but also a simple and happy.

Around the rich friends with more growing age, but there are still vacant and disappear without a trace. Simple life, in fact, the most need to pay a high price, and not just physical. It’s difficult, from luxury to Jane, give up high-end living would be unlikely, at this time, only a little stronger, to let others pay part of the cost, so they have a really simple life.

If not strong enough, then go to experience, I always believe that God helps those who help themselves.

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