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For a time, every afternoon One today is online shop of the first class buy nfl jerseys than tomorrow after class, an interesting thing happened in Italy city of Modena College of music will: those wearing neat uniforms of the vocal class students are always at this time desperately from the north side of the south campus teaching building to go.

It turned out that the second classes in the afternoon, is a well-known vocal master Paula, Professor of Italy. The school has a little problem in the curriculum arrangement, so that the first class in the north campus students to go to the south of the teaching building to listen to the master’s teaching. In order to get the best position to close contact with the master, the boys take off the coat, the girls skirts, like a small rocket jet, extremely quickly and accurately to the target ran.

In this group of children, there is a small fat man particularly conspicuous, because he was always behind everyone. This was the students called Lucci little fat although only 19 years old, but fat than their peers a full circle. Some naughty boys sometimes and one of his jokes, grimacing, while in front of him running backwards. The girls ran away, also sends out a burst of laughter, like the Orioles nike nfl jerseys voice to Lucci ears is particularly harsh. Often at jerseys china nfl factory this time, he will be hard to stare at them, but who can not catch up, but a face of helplessness.

Later, in order to grab a good seat, Lucci in the first half in the first class, began to pick up his absent-minded book lying on the table, his head is full, how can more quickly ran out of the door, no mood to go to lectures. When the bell rang, he would do his best to run out of the room in front of the teacher.

This method is really effective. Although there are still a lot of people ran in front of him, but he took the initiative to run faster than before. However, when he went to the classroom door again: in the moment he entered the classroom, the students behind suddenly picked up speed, in this way, and he also entered the door, the results with a few people were stuck in the door. The students are thinner than he could, a little squeeze, and obese but he was firmly squeezed in the door frame, plump face was squeezed like a flat big persimmon.

In this way, every day to find a way, he still can not get a good seat. What is worse, because every effort to grab a seat, he led the first class cheap jerseys nfl online basically what did not listen, and each run to the second class, he is too tired to say, plus the seat position is not good, he is not in the mood to listen. At this time, he realized the seriousness of the problem. He grew more and more feel that it is The loss outweighs the gain. to grab seats. He analyzed the situation of my own, feel even lose weight also may not have much effect in a short period of time, want to grab a good seat is basically impossible. To understand this point, but he relaxed down.

Since they have no ability to change the future, why not do the right thing? In any case can not get a good seat, why not just calm down to listen to the good?

From then on, he always wait until the students ran out, only to go out in a leisurely manner. Go at the same time, he thought about the focus of the next lesson you learn, and pass the side made faces to greet friends.

Because the seat position is not good, he was master of the class more than anyone really listen, also because I’ve been on the road for second classes ready for their vocal level to good learning focus in the classroom, so he can learn more effectively.

In the music school of time has passed, soon to Lucci enter into this school for jerseys different nfl size fifth years. The original small fat Lucci is getting fat, go more slowly. But now no one ever made a face at him. Because he has become the best student in the college, even in the master’s class, he has a special seat. And all of this nfl jerseys news, he is relying on their own efforts to win.

In 1971, he took part in the Aquile Perry international vocal competition. Before the game, the players were told that the prime minister was coming to the final. Everyone in the background is very excited about who will get the attention of the prime minister. At this time, the organizing committee was responsible for the discovery of the most fat he alone to hide in the side to continue to practice pronunciation. The person in charge of curiosity and speak to him, ask him why not like other people excited. He tells stories to the person in charge at the conservatory, grab the seat, smiled and said: “I was also very nervous curiosity, however, the future has not occurred, and the excessive attention dispersed energy, as do the work at hand. Now everything will determine the outcome of the future.” Because these words, who will be responsible for the fat young people keep firmly in mind.

In the evening, he sang in the opera “La Boheme” protagonist Rudolf Arias for success, won the first prize. Since then, 25 years old, he embarked on the road to the master. He is recognized as one of the greatest king of voice, people are gradually familiar with his name — Luciano Pavarotti!

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